FFWPU USA Over 40 members from Korea were invited

first_imgFFWPU USA: Over 40 members from Korea were invited personally by True Mother to come to Las Vegas to participate in a 14-day witnessing leadership program. In the past week True Mother has been personally guiding the team to lead the way in sharing their faith. The team from Korea has been working together closely with  Las Vegas missionaries, local members, and the National Ministry Team. The following is a report from Demian Dunkley, Director of Evangelism, about the exciting leadership training program taking place now in Las Vegas. True Mother is very closely involved in this witnessing initiative, watching and guiding us every day. It is an amazing opportunity for our American members to support her, and show up to support the Korean and Japanese team. They really have a strong determination to witness, and share True Parent’s love. True Mother has asked each member to bring at least one spiritual child (or even ten).Today six teams went witnessing in the area around UNLV campus and the new Carp Learning Center. At first some were a little nervous about the language barrier, but our National Ministry team prepared materials for them and this morning I gave a presentation about ways we can approach people, love and invite them. The main thing though is that these Korean members are so courageous and have a lot of love to share. They are really inspired by True Mother and want to spread True Parents love in Las Vegas.After just one hour witnessing, one team brought a young man Zachary. He is 25 and has a family, but just lost his 2-year old daughter two months ago. He shared in tears and moved everyone with his deep heart of compassion. He is trying to turn his family tragedy into learning how to love people more centered on God.First we played him the Create a Life you Love Diving Principle intro video, and after some discussion he received a one hour lecture on the Principles of Creation. He agreed to come back tomorrow at 4pm to continue, he enjoyed his time with members very much.True Mother heard the report about witnessing activity and especially about Zachary, the brother who came to the Carp Learning Center. She was deeply moved and happy about the report. One comment she shared was, “It is harder to raise children than to give birth to them.” She encouraged the team to keep making effort, because God is ready to support us. Read Morelast_img read more