Checking in with Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak on his first, full day

first_imgBroome County District Attorney Michael Korchak said Wednesday he is settling well into his new job. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News checked in with newly sworn-in Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak on his first, full day on the job. Korchak says his major focus is on the work ahead of him. He says his responsibilities moving from Broome County Chief Assistant District Attorney to district attorney have changed, saying, “Now I’m overseeing a lot more people and there’s a lot more moving parts and we have some people coming into the office, we had a couple people leave the office, so there’s a lot of changes that are taking place in the Broome County D.A.’s Office.” “It was a smooth transition with Steve Cornwell, he left me a great staff in place so I’m really looking forward to getting to the task at hand and that’s serving the people of Broome County as their D.A.,” said Korchak.center_img “We have all these new laws that were implemented at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, bail reform act, discovery reform act,” he said. “It’s finally over, I can finally settle into the job that I always wanted to do, and that’s serve the people of Broome County as their district attorney and help protect the community, work closely with law enforcement and do what we can for the crime victims in the area.” And he’s looking forward to the future.last_img read more

Definition of tourism by Darko Bastić, director of the Olympia and Olympia Sky hotel complexes

first_img“Supporting local producers and fishermen ensures their sustainability in the future. Homemade food is fresh and seasonal, and in our house, as we like to call ourselves, because we are one big family, only the highest quality food is served. Locally grown food has a finer taste and a better look, and in addition to supporting our local producers, hotel guests are more than delighted. If desired, we can take each guest to see live domestic production”Pointed out the director of the complex, Darko Bastić. Win-win for everyone. On the other hand, by using domestic and local products, we stimulate the local economy, reduce costs, have fresh and most important quality food and, ultimately, a unique tourist product. Tourism itself does not make sense, if we do not have such an important authenticity in our offer in all its forms, which generates added value through the development of all other industries that are developing vertically and horizontally with tourism. It is precisely this tourist spending that must go down to the local economy, not to encourage imports through tourism. It is also one of our biggest tourism problems – that we have relatively low tourism spending, low value for money, honor with positive examples, and that that spending does not go down to the local economy. Except through rent, of course, which each is not enough as we see in our example. But it was on this very topic that I was thrilled to talk to Darko Bastić, director of the Olympia and Olympia Sky hotel complex in Vodice, with whom he could talk for hours without ever looking at the clock, and who explained the whole definition of tourism in just two statements. What is the definition of tourism? blah, blah, ba⁇. could point out to me a variety of different definitions. But one is theory, and quite another is practice. Mine is how tourism consists of emotions, experiences and stories. In these two statements, the definition of tourism is explained in the simplest practical way. Case study for all students of tourism faculties. On the other hand, the promise of how a guest can see domestic production live is an extremely powerful and great sales point. ”Local producers are not anonymous and take their responsibility to the consumer seriously. Knowing that our food has a story and originates from one of our neighbors, the meal is much tastier”Concluded Bastic. Photo: OLYMPIA VODICE Also, in previous years, over a hundred olive trees were planted, which today are thanks to their fruits and excellent olive oil, which is used not only for an excellent tourist product through picking olives with its guests, but also in the restaurant. So from the first day in the kitchen of the hotel complex Olympia and Olympia Sky is used as many indigenous products – from fish and seafood from local fishermen, meat products from the hinterland, vegetables and fruits… So simple, right? But the main question is why? As the icing on the cake, the home in the hotel complex Olympia and Olympia Sky has found numerous swallows that return to their nests every year and additionally give that authentic experience and complete this great story and experience. Diversity in culture and way of life makes tourism what it is, and that is exactly the main essence of tourism – authenticity, ie the holy grail in tourism that creates the motive of arrival. That is why the main tourist product must be our authentic story, because if all destinations are the same, then why would people travel?center_img It is the scent that is extremely strong in evoking memory, and in combination with taste, the other three senses (hearing, sight, touch) make a unique formula for success in marketing and branding because, according to Lindstrom, 90 percent of our consumer behavior seems unconscious. And that is exactly why, authenticity creates a unique product that cannot be copied, and awakens all the senses as the best marketing tool. Sporki macaroni, Soparnik, pasticada, rožata and many other gastronomic specialties of Dalmatian cuisine are an integral part of the gastronomic offer of the hotel complex Olympia and Olympia Sky. Although it should be normal and natural, unfortunately it is very rare in our tourism. “Where we eat, where we spend time, where we shop – all this makes our hotel home“Is the message of the Olympia and Olympia Sky hotel complex from Vodice, to which they promote their business mission through cooperation with local producers, family farms and small fishermen. A bold message and a promise, but most importantly, it is not just a promotional message, but at the Olympia Hotel behind this promise. Smells and tastes are not forgotten, as Martin Lindstrom, a leading brand expert and consultant of the world’s largest brands, says in his book “Brand Sense”, where he emphasizes that 75% of the emotions we generate during the day are through the sense of smell, not sight. But let’s go in order… Tourism as it should be. Local, local and authentic. This is the quality on which we must be based and the answer to the question of how to extend the tourist season and justify the value for money. And not that along the Adriatic Sea which offers us an abundance of fresh fish, we sell frozen fish from Argentina. Insane and counterproductive! And that is why the key question when we talk about the strategic and sustainable development of our tourism is precisely: What is the monthly demand for domestic eggs in each destination? Quality, domestic product and authentic story – must be an imperative in tourism. Also in the hotel complex Olympia and Olympia Sky during the year they organize the fair “Taste of Dalmatia” where local products are promoted, various themed Dalmatian evenings – all with the aim of promoting local and indigenous products. Again, connecting with people who create the food and products that guests consume with their own hands and effort. An experience that guests will never forget. Of course, the adoption of gastronomy gives us hundreds of ways to modernize our traditional cuisine, but the base still has to be local recipes, but interpreted in a modern way. “Homemade products are fresh and are usually sold within 24 hours after they are harvested or collected. If we buy products in large retail chains, it is very likely that they have been stored for days or weeks. For local farmers, food is seasonal because not all food is available all year round. This does not allow our guests to enjoy food that is at the peak of quality when buying at any time of the year. ” adds Bastic.last_img read more