Toy Tuesday The Most Astronomical Spaceship Toys

first_img Toy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ ToysToy Tuesday: The Schwiftiest ‘Rick & Morty’ Toys Stay on target After a few decades out of the public eye, America is now all gung-ho to go back into space. We’ve got plans to land on Mars by the mid 2030s, we’re heading back to the Moon for the first time since the 1960s, and private companies like SpaceX are also pushing into the final frontier. What better way to celebrate our newly-discovered love of outer space than with some totally badass spaceship toys from both real life and our favorite geek franchises? Put a fleet together with these sweet deals.Space Battleship Yamato Model KitOne of America’s first exposures to anime came with Star Blazers, the translated version of Space Battleship Yamato that blew minds in 1979 syndication. The story of a sunken Japanese battleship transformed into a spacecraft to undertake a massive intergalactic journey to recover technology that will cleanse Earth’s ruined atmosphere, it was the first cartoon we ever saw that had an over-arching plotline. Bandai’s incredibly cool model of the Yamato is presented at 1/1000 scale and measures 26 inches long when completely assembled. It’s a tricky build with several built-in light features that look great when powered on.AdChoices广告Get it at Amazon.comMega Bloks U.S.S. EnterpriseMuch respect to LEGO for having the Star Wars license, but their biggest competitor has a few tricks up their sleeve as well. This Mega Bloks rendition of Star Trek‘s most famous spacecraft is a really sweet kit, with a bunch of custom printed pieces to simulate the Enterprise’s regalia and a pair of light-up LED nacelles for the warp drives. A pair of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk microfigures and a commemorative plaque round out the set at a whopping 3098 pieces. And yes, it’s cross-compatible so you can do a mash-up with all your Star Wars sets?Get it at Amazon.comHistory Of American Space Flight Vehicle SetThe technological improvements that NASA has unleashed on society are uncountable — the challenge of leaving Earth’s atmosphere and having humans survive the journey was unlike anything humans had ever tried before. Revisit the last half-century of manned space flight with this 10-piece vehicle set that includes five rockets, starting with the Mercury Redstone and going up to the modern Shuttle Transport System. Also included are five other craft, including several NASA gliders and the Space Shuttle. You can build your own little Cape Canaveral with all of these babies.Get it at Amazon.comTransformable SDF-1 MacrossSpacecraft come in all sizes, from agile little fighters to massive interstellar cities. One of the coolest examples of the second category is the Super Dimension Fortress 1 from Macross. This enormous battleship is capable of bending the folds of space to travel vast distances in an instant, and was created from the ruins of a crashed alien ship that landed in the Pacific. Once launched, it carries a crew of 20,000 soldiers and officers and 76,000 civilians. This very sweet model is made from plastic and diecast metal, measures a little over nine inches long and is fully transformable from cruiser to robot and back.Get it at Amazon.comPlanet Express ReplicaThere are a bunch of great things about Futurama, the oddball sci-fi followup from Simpsons creator Matt Groening that was cancelled yet made a triumphant return, but one of our favorite things is the unique industrial design of the series’ ships and props. Their idea of the far future folds in bulbous, lumpy rockets from 50s science fiction and makes them look fresh and retro at the same time. This dope model of the Planet Express delivery ship from QMX has a magnetic display stand so you can move it around easily and measures a full foot in length.Get it at Amazon.comBattlestar Galactica Colonial ViperOne of the best-remembered science fiction shows of the modern era, Battlestar Galactica had a pretty limited selection of individual starcraft to choose from. Easily the most iconic, though, was the Viper — the single-pilot fighter craft flown by Starbuck and Apollo in the series. They’ve got a design that looks directly descended from Earth fighter jets, just with some tweaks and twists to make them space-ready. This kit from Moebius Models is a 1/32 replica modeled directly from the show, with moderate to easy instructions and optional landing gear.Get it at Amazon.comLego Millennium FalconNo collection of toy spaceships would be complete without one of the most epic Lego sets ever released. The massive Millennium Falcon set weighs in at a staggering 7,500 pieces and the end result, which will take you the better part of a day to put together, is very impressive. Lego has produced a couple Falcons in the years that they’ve had the Star Wars license, but this one’s not likely to be topped. Removable panels let you look inside the ship to see a number of scenes and compartments, and it comes with a quartet of minifigures for extended universe adventures.Get it at Amazon.comMass Effect Normandy ReplicaDespite the franchise — and BioWare — running into some rough seas, we still love Mass Effect. It’s the intergalactic epic we always wanted to live in, with fascinating aliens, sweet technology and lots of lore. The ship design was also well-considered, not seeming derivative of the greats in the genre while making sense and looking cool. Dark Horse put out a bunch of replica models of some of the most notable, but our favorite is the Normandy, the deep space frigate that Shepard took command of in the second game after the original Normandy was destroyed by the Collectors.Get it at Amazon.comSerenity PlushWhen we think about spaceships, “soft and cuddly” isn’t necessarily what comes to mind, but it’s 2019 and everything is possible. Snuggle up with the Serenity from Joss Whedon’s short-lived Firefly with this 18-inch stuffed replica. This is one of the most intensely detailed plushies we’ve ever seen, from the unique structure to the pair of shuttle bays in the sides that actually contain tiny stuffed spacecraft. What a world we live in.Get it at Amazon.comStar Wars Black Series Set Of 12 ShipsThe Star Wars franchise really leans into the concept of having spacecraft designed by radically different cultures at all stages of technological development. The ratty-looking Rebel fighters look lived in and loved, while the sleek Empire TIE craft are all clean and smooth. This set of 12 high-quality replicas really lets you take in the varied industrial design of the galaxy far, far away. The collection features the expected X-Wings and TIE ships, but also Boba Fett’s Slave 1, the Ghost, and Kylo Ren’s transport shuttle. All the pieces are in place for a massive dogfight.Get it at Amazon.comGuardians of the Galaxy Milano StarshipWhat’s the point in having a spaceship if it doesn’t come with a booming sound system? The Milano, the craft piloted by Peter “Star-Lord” Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, fuses Marvel’s cosmic style with down-home charm to create one of our favorite crafts of the modern era. This toy from Hasbro comes with lights, battle sounds, a quartet of firing missiles and a mini Quill to keep the whole crew in line. Sadly, it doesn’t also incorporate a cassette player to blast your mixtapes, but we’re sure you can work something out on Spotify.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Most Powerful He-Man ToysThe Best Avengers ToysThe Most Fatal Mortal Kombat Toyslast_img read more