Andy Quamie and the County Meet’s Success

first_imgDeputy Sports Minister and head of the National County Sports Meet organizing committee, Andy Quamie, at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports ComplexDeputy Minister for Sports G. Andy Quamie is no stranger to what is strange. Quamie, as those who know him will tell you, is a workaholic.He is a man who believes that negative changes and attitudes towards sports and others could be better if the media can help the Ministry of Youth & Sports to drum the information into the ears of the Liberian people.Few days before the just ended national county meet began, Minister Quamie, at a meeting with the sports media, insisted that, for example, while in other countries whenever a game is over, fans would right away decide to return home, in Liberia, whenever a game is over, the fans would jump over the fence onto the playing pitch. And this is against CAF and FIFA rule of safety.That action, he said, could cost Liberia dearly, and therefore he wanted the media to help inform fans against that practice. Hearing Minister Quamie speak on that issue, exposed his greatest passion for Liberian fans to change their negative attitudes towards the game.With optimism, Quamie said: “Things can get better if the media can help Liberians help their country.”Then the events of the 2018/19 soccer and kickball and later soccer meet began in the leeward counties as Andy and his team, including Minister D. Zeogar Wilson and others, jumped into action.Quamie, a FIFA and CAF Match Commissioner, did not leave the job for others to do. He did it and worked along with others at the ministry to get the job done and, in the end, success crowned the effort.In his official message to the followers of the county meet, Quamie said: “We may have made some mistakes, stepped on few toes during the discharge of our duties; we say sorry, and hope to improve as we go into the future. Together we can make LIBERIA great again.”Don’t you love this man? A very honest man, he realized that all may not have been done as anticipated and therefore he has set the agenda for the future of the County Meet.What prompted this article was when someone criticized the County Meet for being only soccer and kickball oriented, without basketball, track and field and other sports. I realized that the individual did not realize that every competition has a budget ceiling. And in a country that is “broke,” as observed by the President of Liberia as he took the helm of national leadership, prudence made it necessary for the government to use its limited resources wisely.Of course, there are critics that would not understand what I just explained and, therefore, using direct response to their accusations is a waste of time and the world will continue to move on anyway!As far as Andy Quamie is concerned, the success of the recent county meet was because of Liberians’ massive support to the County Sports Meet.“We are open to suggestions, recommendations, and advice in improving our biggest sporting event. We wish to express our warmest appreciation to our sponsors, partners, and the Government of Liberia for all the support,” Quamie said. That the organizers are prepared to receive suggestions that could improve on the future of the game is commendable.In any account, Orange Liberia’s support to the recent County Meet is without compare. As we await a future tournament of such proportion, may all of us realize that playing our respective roles well can mean the difference between failure and success.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more