Amazon stores coming soon to 100 US shopping malls

first_imgAmazon dominates the online retail game, but they’re always looking for ways to get even more reach, even if it means breaking away from online. Their latest push is going to take them back to real world.Yes, Amazon is going to be setting up shop in malls across the United States. Based on a slew of new job postings and information passed along to Business Insider, they’re currently working on opening up as many as 100 pop-up stores.Amazon is already operating 16 similar stores. Their primary purpose is to put the e-tailer’s numerous devices — Kindles, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Echo speakers — in front of shoppers. Amazon Basics products will likely be on display, too. You know, things like their Lightning cable, which sells for less than half the price of Apple’s. Those new phones they’re selling online — the unlocked, subsidized Android handsets with Amazon ads on the lockscreen — might make even an appearance.They’ll also give Amazon the opportunity to show off services like Alexa, which has taken an early lead in the home assistant race. Prime Video will also get plenty of attention, as will Prime Music, Prime Photos, and the Kindle Lending Library.Don’t expect to see one in your favorite local haunt this holiday season. The pop-up shops will reportedly be appearing over the course of the next year. While most of the locations aren’t known yet, Amazon’s job listings page revealed stores in Miami, Queens, California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and a pair in Michigan.In the meantime, you should be able to find Amazon hardware on your local Target store’s shelves again soon. After a four-year break, they patched things up with Amazon last month.Amazon Books store image courtesy of SounderBruce on Wikimedialast_img read more