What Happened to the UL Faculty-Student Alliance?

first_imgDid we not, in an editorial, call the UL faculty-student demand for Dr. Wede Brownell to go “an unholy alliance”?We surely did; and now look what has happened: Wede is now gone and… these same students are now bitterly complaining against their infamous faculty collaborators.We also prayed editorially that the UL authorities and the government should not “throw UL to the wolves.”  Alas!  Wede is gone and now the students are finally seeing the true colors of their faculty: selfish, corrupt, non-committed.Yet the students are themselves hypocritical, aren’t they?  Many of them know only too well how they got admitted and even promoted—by paying money—or sex.  That is how the UL faculty and staff gratified themselves or made additional money.  Remember that when Dr. Emmett Dennis first became UL president, they offered him a brown envelop with money as his share of the admissions loot (booty, plunder)?So what did the students expect, that the faculty would suddenly change their spots?  Did the students not learn from their mothers’ knees and in elementary school that “leopard never changes its spots”?Our Diplomatic Correspondent Joachim Sendolo, who is himself trying to get a second Bachelor’s degree from UL,  reported that the students are protesting the absence of their faculty from classes.  He said the students are facing the identical problem Dr. Wede Brownell was trying to solve: teachers teaching at so many other universities and  schools that they have little time for their full time faculty positions at UL!Well.  The students are now caught in the same old corruption conundrum (problem) that their erstwhile provost was endeavoring to solve.  But faculty attrition (wearing down) was not the only problem she met when she joined the UL few years ago.  She also embarked upon breaking the admissions corruption scheme.  She was never forgiven for that and, in the minds of the scheming staff/faculty, she had to go! They did not rest until they got some of the students to make and put on their heads a coffin and march in a funeral procession for their provost!Now the students are missing the water when the well has run dry.Dr. Brownell’s successor, Dr. Walter Wiles, is one of those individuals who, though highly efficient and committed, always wears a smile on his face.  Alas, he has quickly learned—or so we hope—that a smile alone will not do in the face of a faculty resolute and determined to remain embedded in their corruption syndrome.His challenge—and that of Dr. Dennis, the Faculty Senate and the Board of Trustees—is to face the problem for what it is: find an answer to the problem, even if it means weeding out those faculty members firmly rooted in their corruption and keeping the few who are hopefully different.Dr. Dennis must also now scout around universities in West Africa and elsewhere to ask for immediate faculty help.  It is a crisis that must be properly resolved—not by appeasement.  As the world painfully learned with Hitler in 1938, and now with Putin in 2014, appeasement will not do.UL has to call a spade a spade and play the cards accordingly and decisively, if our oldest institution of higher learning is to regain its lost prestige and move forward.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more