Casillas to Míchel: “Play again? I think it will be difficult”

first_imgHis children, footballers: “No, that they study, that they are what they want. I am afraid that I will have that failure and you have to be very strong”Anecdote by Michel Salgado: “Iker stares and says to me: ‘Come on Michel accelerates that you are already old’. And I fixed my gaze”.Luis Enrique: “The same thing happened to me with you and Luis Enrique, he went to the Sports City with him. I was smart and you pulled my ears rightly.” Iker Casillas He has had an Instagram chat with his former partner at Real Madrid Michel, axctrual coach of Pumas de México. The candidate for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation spoke about a possible return to the playing fields.Play again: “Playing, I think it will be difficult, I have an appointment with the doctor when I finished this. I did a stress test a month ago and it went well. We had arranged for April but it could not be because of this. Now the most important thing is solve this and I want to run for the presidency of the Federation but the good thing is to end the pandemic. I keep going, but it is not important now. “last_img read more