Ivan Neville Talks Solo Piano Sessions, Recording With Keith Richards, New Neville-Jacobs Project

first_imgWhen your last name is Neville, you’re essentially born into funk royalty. Ivan Neville continues to do his part for the sound, serving as an ambassador for his hometown of New Orleans and as a stalwart champion of the funk. With an expressive organ style and a gruff, soulful voice, Ivan Neville is truly a master entertainer. Splitting time between his main band Dumpstaphunk and any number of side projects, including the Chris Robinson Soul Revue at Fool’s Paradise or the Neville-Jacobs band at NOLA Crawfish Festival, Neville never fails to bring the noise.This weekend sees Neville performing a series of intimate “Piano Sessions” at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, NY (tickets available here), and we caught up with the master to chat about all of his ongoing work. Read Rex Thomson’s exclusive with Neville below:Live For Live Music:  You’re in New York this weekend for a series of your intimate “Piano Sessions.” Until now these have primarily happened down in New Orleans. How did you end up bringing them to the biggest city in the world?Ivan Neville:  Well, the opportunity presented itself.  Someone was interested in hearing me do them up here in New York, and I thought it was a great idea.  I had the idea, I did the first piano set on Jam Cruise. It went over, and I started doing it ever year, I think, the last four years or so. Then I started like three years ago at the Blue Nile during Jazz Fest, the Wednesday in between weekends at Jazz Fest. But tonight I’m in New York.L4LM:  No one wants to miss your piano sets on Jam Cruise. How does it feel to see people packed in and hanging over the rails to hear you tell stories and play?IN:  Y’know, I truly appreciate that people are interested in seeing me play and do my stuff.  I’m absolutely humbled and honored to have the chance to do that stuff.L4LM:  You’re pretty much synonymous with the city of New Orleans, but with a career as long as yours, you must have spent a good chunk of time in New York over the years. Like the shirts, do you love New York?IN:  Yeah, I do love New York. I’ve spent a lot of hours hanging out with my friend Keith Richards playing music and…stuff… (laughs). One time, I was in New York, and Keith was working on his latest solo project that came out this past year and I was honored to be a part of that project.  Sometimes that’s how things go down.L4LM:  The stories you tell during these shows are just as important as the songs you play during these sessions. Do you put any thought into what you’re gonna talk about before a show, like write an anecdote set list?IN:  Nah…it’s all spontaneity.  There’s certain songs linked to certain times, and there’s usually some sort of story attached. It just kinda comes as I go. None of that stuff is planned. L4LM:  At the start of next month you’re gonna be playing Fool’s Paradise, hosted by Lettuce. What do you think of the direction they’re taking their brand of funk?IN:  Lettuce?  Aww man, them boys is stupid.  They got some real stuff goin’ on. I like how they just keep going, Keep stretching the bounds, you know?  They doing it right. They’re also stretching the style, doing new variations, like with the EDM and things of that nature. They’re expanding the audience, they’re expanding the reach of funk music. It’s reaching some of the younger kids and some people that are into other stuff and may not be getting exposed to the funk. And that’s a good thing.L4LM:  They’re definitely keeping the funk alive.IM:  Yes, most def!L4LM:  Any chance you’ll end up sneaking out during Lettuce’s set and joining them for a song or two?IN:  I’m not sure, you never know. Time permitting…if it works out like that, it’s very likely, it’s very possible.  Let me say that…it’s very possible. You never know.L4LM:  The set you’re playing at Fool’s Paradise is with an all star cast lead by Chris Robinson. Who else do you have playing that gig with you?IN:  Yeah, I’m playing with Chris Robinson, yeah and Kraz and I think Nikki Glaspie and a few others. I think George Porter is on it…it’s somewhat of a “Super Band.”L4LM:  In a situation where so many people are coming from so many different places, do you get to rehearse at all?IN:  Sometimes, but we usually talk about it before.  We may sit down and talk about stuff, about what we’re gonna play and talk through it. I don’t know that there’s actually going to be a chance to rehearse, I’m not sure.  I’m not sure the layout and how it’s gonna go down. We will dial some things in, we will talk more and we have talked already.  There are songs that have a female on it, and it’s up to us to prepare.  It’s gonna be slammin’!L4LM: You’re very in-demand for these super jams. Have you ever wished you could make one of those line ups into a permanent band?IN:  (Laughs)  Oh yeah, that’s definitely a thought.  That thought crosses your mind at these things. But let me tell ya, you know, sometimes these things are killin’.  But they’re not always a fucking shoo-in to be some slam dunk shit.  It’s like spontaneity, the chemistry…there are nights where the shit is killin’, and there’s nothing like it.  But there are some nights where you’re like “Okay…this ain’t goin’ as great as I thought, let’s hope we hit a groove, let’s hope this shit swings.”  But for the most part it’s killin’. You look at the people onstage and you look at who you’re playing with you think “Yeah, I could do this a few more times.”When it is hitting, it is the most magical thing. The that spontaneity that happens.  Unplanned.  A lot of music moments happen that are absolutely unplanned, no pre-thought involved.  The shit’s just happening. That’s where the magic happens.L4LM:  You’ve led these jam sessions in the past, you’ve played in them and you’ve planned them. Have you picked up any tricks or insights on playing with musicians you’re unfamiliar with?IN:  Well, basically it’s all about listening. Listen. Listen to other guys who are up there playing. Listen. That’s my philosophy. Listen. Let the music take you where you weren’t supposed to go.L4LM:  Beautiful. Speaking of music taking you places, in just a few short weeks it’ll be time for people across the nation to go to New Orleans for Jazz Fest once again. Do you even manage to sleep at any point in those two weeks?IN:  I do, I do. I’ve changed. I got a few times where I am playing at 2 am and shit like that, but I got some nights that are like normal. I always take one day off, and this year I took Saturday, the second Saturday of Jazz Fest, completely off for me. And I’m gonna keep it like that. (Laughs) I got one day where I can do nothing.L4LM:  You’re bringing one of your more rare side projects, Neville-Jacobs, to the NOLA Crawfish Festival. Can you talk a little about this collaboration is gonna sound?IN:  Me and my man Cris Jacobs, he had a band called The Bridge. He’s from Baltimore. He and I had crossed paths on a few occasions, on the scene, on the festival scene and what not.  And I happened to run into him playing poker in New Orleans.  I was like “That’s Cris Jacobs” and he was like “Oh yeah, Ivan Neville.” So we started talking and sat down and played cards together. We both like to play poker. We ended up reconnecting a couple more times, and we ended up writing some songs together. The shit turned out pretty good, so we were like “Let’s go somewhere with this.” We ended up doing a whole records worth of stuff.  We got a whole record in the can, and we’ll see what happens with it.  We got a cool group, we pulled in Tony Hall from Dumpstaphunk, Brady Blade who plays with Anders Osborne, and myself and Cris Jacobs.  It’s a cool little group, a cool little combo.  It’s gonna be killer.L4LM:  Once again you hosted Jam Cruise’s Texas Hold ’em tournament every year. Is Hold ’em your game?IN:  Oh yeah, when I play poker that’s what I’m talkin’ about. (Laughs)L4LM:  Have you managed to win your own tournament?IN:  I have never won. (Laughs) I have never won that particular one, no.L4LM:  Playing with friends and fans can be hard on friendships. Do you leave all emotion behind when the chips are down?IN:  Oh no, I get pissed off! I wanna win, I wanna win that shit, you know.  I just haven’t done so…yet. (Laughs) One of these years I’m gonna bust that shit.L4LM:  We interviewed Shaggy the other day and he said you were one of his biggest fans. Is it true they’re paying you in crawfish?IN:  Naw, he ain’t payin in fish…he can give me some crawfish though. (Laughs) I always…Shaggy’s my man! I’ll call Shaggy up and say “Where you at?” and he’ll be like “I’m just doing this boil for these people, c’mon out.” I’ll go act like I’m one of his helpers or something, and he’ll hook me up with some crawfish. (Laughs) That’s my man, Shaggy’s my man. He’s a music lover, and he does a great job boiling that crawfish, and I love some food. That shit goes hand in hand. That’s what New Orleans is about.  The music and the food and people, y’know?NOLA’s Crawfish King Is Cooking Up A Whole New FestivalL4LM:  Any tips for folks visiting Nawlins who’ve never been?IN:  The advice I would give any one is to pace yourself.  Don’t try and do everything you wanna do all in one day. There’s a lot to go around. There’s a lotta music to be heard, a lot of food to be eaten and a lotta partying to do, if that’s your thing. Yeah, I would say pace yourself and enjoy the ride.L4LM:  How about for any folks who’ve never eaten a crawfish before?IN:  Aw man…if you’re standing next to me you’ll learn pretty quick or else I’ll eat all the crawfish you would have been eating if you were faster.  You may eat two crawfish and I’ll eat ten. L4LM:  The music of Dumpstaphunk has a very positive message about overcoming adversity and letting go of negativity. Would you say your music has an overall message you want people to hear?IN:  I mean…we try and say stuff like that when we have a chance.  I mean, when you have the opportunity to say something…if you’re part of creating something, and you get to say something…to have a voice…you might as well say something positive.L4LM: Got time for a quick “Funk” lightning round?IN: Sure.L4LM:  Which one is your good foot?IN:  It’s the one that’s on the floor.L4LM: “Get on up,” or “Get Down, get down?”IN:  Oh shit…Get on up!  Get on up!L4LM:  Well, thanks for taking a few minutes out to talk with us sir.  It sounds like you have a lot of fun and funk in you future.IN:  Thank you.  Appreciate it.Tickets for Neville’s shows tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at the Blue Note Jazz Club are available at the door, and more information can be found here. For tickets to Fool’s Paradise in St. Augustine, FL with Lettuce, GRiZ, Vulfpeck and the Chris Robinson Soul Revue ft. Ivan Neville and more, head to the official website. Finally, for a chance to belly up to the crawfish table next to Ivan Neville at the inaugural NOLA Crawfish Festival, head here.last_img read more

The Nth Power Yearn For Us All “To Be Free” On New Live Album Release [Stream/Review]

first_imgLeaving behind outdated conventions of separation of studio and stage The Nth Power skipped the middle man on their newest album, Live – To Be Free. Known for their transformative performances, the decision to record their new album live gave The Nth Power a perfect platform to introduce their latest material, and the timing of the release couldn’t be better. As the nation is embroiled in divisive political turmoil with unrest in the streets, the message of unity, hope and love could not be more needed.Listen to the new Live – To Be Free album, streaming below, and follow along with our in-depth review.From the outset, the welcoming track “Freedom” sets a broad and hopeful tone for the selections to follow. Guitarist and lead vocalist Nick Cassarino takes the mic to passionately implore listeners to seek peace and to break the bonds that hold them back, but he is not alone in his musical quest. Bassist Nate Edgar promptly sets up shop on the low end of the spectrum, and never wavers in his steadfast adherence to providing a percolating pulse to the proceedings.In the clarity of Courtney J’Mell Smith‘s wondrously widespread organ fills and synth runs on the first track, the quality of the recording is revealed to be simply stunning. Make no mistake, this is no crowd chatter buzz filled live recording chopped into tracks and rushed out the door. The care and post production so clearly evident throughout this recording is a revelation that speaks volumes to the skill and dedication of everyone involved.With such a high standard in high fidelity sought and achieved, it is obvious that integrity is important to The Nth Power. On “Truth,” they speak to the heart of that very issue. The three performances that resulted in this live album were done during the heart of the recent political campaign, and “Truth” is a smartly written repudiation of the fear and obfuscation that were on sad display. These first new tracks will surely be emotional touchstones for fans to rally around in the strange years to come.The intensity lessens for a much needed respite with back-to-back uplifting tracks “Joy” and a special rendition of one of the most beloved tracks from their previous release Abundance, the testimonial “Right Now.” The sheer positiveness of these two tracks alone have the amazing ability to lift even the heaviest of hearts with the power of soul music unfettered. The other songs reworked here from Abundance, “Could It Be” and “Home”, reinforce the overall upbeat message of this collection of songs and truly benefit from these expressive live takes.The remaining new tunes, “More & More” and “Take My Soul”, merge the band’s spiritual side with their collective desire to kick a little booty while they spread the love. Drummer Nikki Glaspie unwinds ferocious drum rolls and furious fills that make her almost infinite energy on her kit a spectacle above and beyond the magic the band is making. A mid-song crescendo in “More & More” barrels like a runaway freight train thanks to the insane power of Glaspie and the thunder she brings.Closing out one last plea for love in a darkened world, the organ filled crashing mayhem of “Take My Soul” takes what would be a quieter message to the far end of the rock dial, finally ending with guitarist Cassarino letting loose with a jaw dropping reminder that he does far more than sing. Listening to the last strains of “Take My Soul” as Cassarino pledges himself to the cause of love with a howl from the core of his being you can’t help but want to join him in this impassioned quest. It’s hard to think of a better message than the love at the heart of To Be Free, or a band better suited to spread it than The Nth Power.Catch The Nth Power at The Blue Note NYC on 12/9-12/10 as the official Chick Corea/John McLaughlin late night shows. Get tickets here.last_img read more

The Disco Biscuits Release Full Pro-Shot Footage Of New Year’s Eve Celebration [Watch]

first_imgOn New Year’s Eve, The Disco Biscuits rocked it at the famed Tabernacle venue in Atlanta, GA, dropping a bounty of balloons on their Bisco fanbase for the occasion. The balloons weren’t the only highlight of the night, however, as the band came out firing with three glorious sets of music on the third night of their run. We shared the pro-shot footage from opening night yesterday, but now, the footage of all three sets from New Year’s Eve is at our disposal.The show opened with a potent “Save The Robots,” which would be played several times throughout the night. Between fan favorites like “Mindless Dribble,” “7-11,” “Helicopters” and more, there was no denying the top form that the Biscuits were in for the show. Fortunately, you can stream all three sets in the videos below.The Disco Biscuits also made an exciting announcement for their upcoming run at The Fillmore Philadelphia, announcing support from Aqueous on February 2nd, Swift Technique on February 3rd, and Tom Hamilton’s American Babies on February 4th. More information about the hometown Philly run can be found here.Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA | 12/31/16I: Save the Robots-> Mindless Dribble-> The Champions-> Tempest-> Spraypaint VictoryII: 7-11-> Save the Robots-> Moshi Fameus-> Reactor (inverted)-> Save the Robots, House Dog Party FavorIII: Wizards in Winter, Helicopters-> And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (inverted)-> Abraxas-> Basis for a YearE: M.E.M.P.H.I.S., Frog Legs, Kitchen Mitts-> Helicopters[Cover photo via Dave Vann]last_img read more

Phil Lesh Announces Mardi Gras Celebration For Tomorrow Night

first_imgThis afternoon, Terrapin Crossroads announced via Facebook a surprise performance by Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band tomorrow evening at Lesh’s legendary venue. The line-up they’ve gathered for this show is awesome, and the night is likely to be a perfect way for those around San Rafael, California, to celebrate Mardi Gras in style. With Phil Lesh back from his recent stint in Hawaii, the Terrapin Family Band will also include Grahame Lesh, Ross James, Alex Koford, and Jason Crosby in addition to the Terrapin Horns, featuring Michael Mark Bello, Dave Scott, and Elizabeth Larson. Tickets for tomorrow night’s performance are available here for $15.[Cover photo: Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography]last_img read more

Spafford, The Main Squeeze, Aqueous, And More To Play First Ever Canyon Jam At The Mishawaka

first_imgVoted one of Colorado’s top venues year in and year out, Bellvue’s Mishawaka Amphitheatre is one of the most beautiful and intimate venues that you will find around the country. With a backdrop of the Poudre Canyon mountains and river running alongside the venue, and located right outside Fort Collins, The Mish has witnessed many memorable moments in its 100 years of existence. Today, the venue announced the first-ever Canyon Jam, a two-day event featuring performances by Spafford and The Main Squeeze, as well as sets from the likes of Aqueous, Mungion, Organ Freeman and Colorado-based acts Cycles, Moves at Midnight, and Jus’ Sayin’.Why The Mishawaka Amphitheatre Is One Of The Most Coveted Scenic Venues In The CountryCanyon Jam is set to take place Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th, and will feature some of the best jam, funk, and jazz acts of the next generation, with the Main Squeeze headlining on Friday night, followed by Spafford on Saturday. A special venue pre-sale begins today at 10am MDT here (pre-sale password Jaminthecanyon), with a general on-sale beginning Thursday, May 4th at 10am MDT. For show updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page.The Mishawaka provides round-trip shuttle service for patrons from downtown Fort Collins for $20. Reservations are recommended, as on-site parking is extremely limited. Shuttle tickets and can be purchased here.Friday Schedule:6pm – Doors8pm – 9pm – Moves at Midnight9:30pm – 10:30pm – Mungion11pm – 1am – Main SqueezeSaturday Schedule:4pm – Doors6pm – 6:40pm Jus Sayin’7pm – 8pm – Cycles8:30 – 9:30pm – Organ Freeman10 pm – 11:30pm – Aqueous12am – 2am – Spafford– SHOW INFO –Artist/s:  Canyon Jam w/ Spafford, The Main Squeeze, Aqueous, Organ Freeman, Mungion, Cycles, Moves At Midnight, Jus’ Sayin’Date/s:   Friday, September 8th & Saturday, September 9th, 2017Venue:    Mishawaka Amphitheatre (13714 Poudre Canyon Rd, Bellvue, CO 80512)Ages:Doors:     6pm Friday / 4pm SaturdayMusic:     8pm Friday / 6pm SaturdayTickets:   $15adv / $20dos / Limited 2-Day passes @ $25 (purchase tickets here)last_img read more

D’Angelo Announces Deluxe Reissue Of His Neo-Soul Classic “Brown Sugar” With 20 Unheard Tracks

first_imgNeo-soul visionary D’Angelo has announced that he’s giving his 1995 debut, Brown Sugar, some extra love and affection in the form of a deluxe reissue, set to be released on August 25th via Virgin/UMe. The reissue, prepped in 2-CD and digital formats, features 21 rare tracks, including previously issued remixes, instrumentals and a cappella versions. Highlights from the new expanded Brown Sugar include a cappella renditions of the smash hit title track and “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine,”as we;; as an alternate version of “Brown Sugar,” an alternate mix of “Cruisin’,”  and remixes from CJ Mackintosh, Dallas Austin, Tech King, Erick Sermon and Incognito. The deluxe edition of Brown Sugar comes in a digipak with a 20-page booklet boasting rare photographs, lyrics and author-filmmaker Nelson George‘s essay about the album’s innovative, influential hybrid of gospel, soul, funk and hip-hop despite the fact that it was, incredibly, D’Angelo’s first-ever album. As the LP’s co-producer Bob Power claims in the liner notes, “[He] was one of those artists that came not just fully formed, but truly genre-bending; genre-creating is really more like it.”Brown Sugar was only a modest commercial success upon its initial release, peaking at Number 22 on the Billboard 200 and spawning four singles: the title track, “Cruisin’,” “Lady” and “Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine.” However, the album has attained vaulted status in the years that followed, becoming a sort of high water mark for the R&B renaissance in the mid- to late-90’s. His new work has been few and far between since then, as he has released just two more albums: Voodoo (2000) and Black Messiah (2014).You can see a full list of the Brown Sugar deluxe reissue’s contents below. For more information, head to D’Angelo’s website:D’Angelo:  Brown Sugar (Deluxe Edition) Contents:CD 1 (Remastered album with bonus tracks)1. “Brown Sugar”2. “Alright”3. “Jonz In My Bonz”4. “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine”5. “Sh*t, Damn, Motherf*cker”6. “Smooth”7. “Cruisin’”8. “When We Get By”9. “Lady”10. “Higher”Bonus Tracks11. “Brown Sugar”12. “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine” A Cappella (released on promotional 12” single)13. “Brown Sugar” Instrumental (released on 12” single)14. “Lady” Just Tha Beat Mix Instrumental w/Chorus (Mixed by DJ Premier; released on CD Maxi-Single)15. “Brown Sugar” Alternate Version (released on 12” single)CD 2 (More Sugar)1. “Brown Sugar” King Tech Remix feat. Kool G. Rap (released on 12” promotional single)2. “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine Def Squad Remix feat. Redman (Remixed by Erick Sermon for Funk Lord Productions; released on 12” single)3. “Cruisin’” Cut The Sax Remix (Remix by King Tech; Released on 12” single)4. “Lady” Just Tha Beat Mix/featuring AZ (Remixed by DJ Premier for Works of Mart Productions, Inc.; released on CD Maxi-Single)5. “Brown Sugar” Soul Inside 808 Mix (Mix by DJ Dodge; released on U.K. 12” single)6. “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine” Two Way Street Mix (Remixed by DJ Premier for Works of Mart Productions, Inc.; released on promotional 12” single)7. “Cruisin’” Dallas Austin Remix (released on 12” single)8. “Lady” 2B3 Shake Dat Ass Mix (Remix produced by Neville Thomas and Pule Pheto for 2B3 Productions; released on U.K. CD Maxi-Single)9. “Brown Sugar” Incognito Molasses Remix (released on “She’s Always In My Hair” promotional 12” single)10. “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine” Dreamy Remix (Remixed by Erick Sermon for Funk Lord Productions; released on promotional 12” single)11. “Cruisin’” Wet Remix (released on CD single)12. “Brown Sugar” Dollar Bag Mix (released on U.K. 12” single)13. “Cruisin’” God Made Me Funky Remix (released on promotional 12” single)14. “Brown Sugar” CJ Mackintosh Remix (Additional production and Remix by CJ Mackintosh; released on the various artists CD collection Nu Classic Soul)15. “Lady” CJ Mackintosh Mix Radio Edit (Additional production and Remix by CJ Mackintosh; released on U.K. CD Maxi-Single)16. “Cruisin” Who’s Fooling Who Mix (released on promotional 12” single)[Cover photo via Tom Tomkinson][h/t – Rolling Stone]last_img read more

LOCKN’ Opens With Charlottesville Remembrance, Double Stacked Sets by Umphrey’s and String Cheese

first_imgFans from near and far descended upon Arrington, Virginia in droves to attend the 5th Annual LOCKN’ Festival this week. Newly held on the Infinity Downs Farm property, big changes were in store for this year. Event organizers changed the layout of the venue to just the Downs area, helping to create a more centralized environment for attendees to get around. The Blue Ridge Bowl now holds both the Main Stage and Relix Stage, allowing for easier foot traffic between the two. Food and merchandise vendors also line the sides of the modified concert fields. The new LOCKN’ layout has the ability to hold 20,000 people with drastically improved sight lines.With the recent horrific events that took place in Charlottesville, only a short 45 minutes away, positive vibes and celebration of music could not have happened at a better, and more needed, time. Many attendees wore purple, as well as purple ribbons, in remembrance of Heather Heyer, who lost her life during the Charlottesville attack. LOCKN’ is not only a coming together of musical artists in collaborations on stage, but a coming together of the musical community as whole, with fans and artists alike. The vibe around the venue feels like a giant hug of love and acceptance, no matter what your background. LOCKN’ truly is an interlocking musical event for the entire music community.For fans who can not attend the festival, a free LOCKN’ stream is available, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s, Airstream, and YouTube, in conjunction with Relix and Headcount. Viewers are encouraged to make a donation, with proceeds going to the Heal Charlottesville Fund. Funds raised will go towards assisting local residents seeking trauma counseling, supporting victims involved in the car attack who need help with their medical expenses, and towards helping law enforcement to prevent future attacks. Click here for more information regarding donations, as well as how to link up to the live stream.Wednesday night allowed early entry ticket holders to set up, helping to alleviate congestion when gates opened to everyone at 6 AM on Thursday morning. With much cooler temperatures expected over the duration, attendees will be a lot more comfortable this year, without having to drip in sweat as they did through last year’s oppressive heat. In addition, dust levels will be at a minimum, due to moving the event from within the horse track to among grassy fields.This year, a new Terrapin Porch stage in Garcia’s Forest will feature early morning and late night performances. Besides music, bike trails, early morning yoga, and trips to the Tye River are just some of the activities available for attendees to enjoy over the four days. While fans continued to stream into the venue on Thursday, the Grateful Dead’s documentary “Long Strange Trip” was shown on the Main Stage. It kept the crowd entertained before the music began in the early evening.The welcoming ceremony featured local emergency personnel lining the stage as a giant American flag hung from the rafters behind. LOCKN’ promoters Peter Shapiro and Dave Frey both spoke to the crowd before the entire venue stood for moment of silence in remembrance of the recent events that took place in Charlottesville. The Mount Zion First African Baptist Choir gave a heartfelt performance with “The Star Spangled Banner” followed by “Amazing Grace,” bringing tears to the eyes of the crowd. “The Saints Go Marching In” brought up the energy before local band, and Rockn’ to LOCKN’ winner, Kendall Street Company took to the stage, opening the four day event on a high note. The highlight on Thursday featured a deliciously musical jam sandwich as Umphrey’s McGee and String Cheese Incident flip flopped two sets each, providing a double dose of stacked goodness for the earholes. With both bands playing twice in the evening, festival goers who showed up later in the night were guaranteed to catch either of their sets. The Disco Biscuits gave their debut performance at LOCKN’ with a late night set on the Relix stage, while Nicole Atkins Band had fans dancing late into the night with their set on the Terrapin Porch within the magical trees of Garcia’s Forest.Stay tuned for Friday’s run down, with sets by Phil Lesh, Gov’t Mule, and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, to name a few.Words by Sarah BourquePhotos by Sam Shinault PhotographyLOCKN’ 2017: Photos by Sam Shinault Load remaining imageslast_img read more

A Tribe Called Quest Announces Mid-Set That This Is Their “Last Show Ever” At UK Festival

first_imgLast night, the crowd at the U.K.’s Bestival bore witness to an historic performance by hip hop royalty A Tribe Called Quest: Their “last show ever.” Since the sudden passing of founding MC Phife Dawg last year and the subsequent release of the appropriately reverent LP we got it from here…, the seminal 90’s crew has been open about their intentions to close the book on Tribe.According to NME, during their headlining festival set last night, MC Q-Tip confirmed the news, announcing to the crowd that this would, indeed, be their last show. Stopping during “Whateva Will Be” roughly halfway into their set, Q-Tip spoke about the end of the road.“A Tribe Called Quest, we suffered a blow,” he told the crowd, “We lost our boy Phife Dawg. This is gonna be our last show as A Tribe Called Quest, ever.” He then quoted lines from Phife Dawg’s verse on the track: ‘Say am I ‘posed to be dead or doin’ life in prison?/Just another dummy caught up in the system/Unruly hooligan who belongs in Spofford/Verse getting that degree at Stanford or Harvard.’Check out some clips from the set via Instagram below: Since Phife’s death, the remaining members have been touring throughout the world for their last go-around, but have been facing various problems as of late that make this announcement less surprising than it may appear. This summer, they were forced to cancel tour dates dates due to a shoulder injury to Q-Tip and Cancelled, Rescheduled, Then Re-Cancelled their scheduled headlining set at Outside Lands Music Festival due to a “wave of grief” for Phife Dawg.While the era of A Tribe Called Quest may be over, we know the creative minds of Q-Tip, Al Saheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White won’t stay dormant for long. And to Phife–Rest in peace, Dawg.[h/t – Pitchfork][Cover photo via Instagram user @ryandfenton]last_img read more

Watch Full Video Of Jamiroquai’s Performance In Vienna

first_img2017 has been a huge comeback year for Jamiroquai. With the release of Automaton back in March, Jay Kay and crew have spent much of the year touring around the world (but not North America… yet) in support of the album. A severe back injury, which required surgery and several weeks of recovery time, forced the funky frontman to reschedule a number of dates. However, the band is currently back out on a Fall arena tour in Europe and giving crowds everything they paid for, and then some.Members Of The Motet, TAB, & More Pay Tribute Jamiroquai At Brooklyn Comes Alive [Audio/Videos]During their stop in Vienna, Austria at Wiener Stadthalle, Jamiroquai brought the roof down with an incredible performance of classics and some newer tracks from Automaton, including “Little L”, “Space Cowboy”, “Cloud 9”, “Love Foolosophy”, and “Too Young To Die”, to name a few. The band continues the tour next week with shows in Milan, Toulouse, Madrid, and Nantes (tour dates). Watch video of the performance below.[via HDconcertsAustria]SETLIST: Jamiroquai | Wiener Stadthalle | Vienna, Austria | 11/15/2017Set: Shake It On, Little L, Automaton, The Kids, Space Cowboy, Cloud 9, Superfresh, Hey Floyd, Cosmic Girl, (Don’t) Give Hate a Chance, Summer Girl, Runaway, Alright, Canned Heat, Love FoolosophyEncore: Too Young to Die, Virtual Insanity[via Setlist.fm]last_img read more

Levitate Music & Arts Festival Announces 2018 Lineup

first_imgLevitate Music & Arts Festival has announced their artist lineup for 2018, and just as in previous years, it offers one of the festival season’s most enticing lineups so far. The two-day festival, set to take place July 7th and 8th in Marshfield, MA, will feature performances from Trey Anastasio Band, The Head And The Heart, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Lake Street Dive, Stick Figure, Greensky Bluegrass, Stephen Marley, Ripe, Twiddle, Xavier Rudd, Turkuaz, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Suffers, Jon And Roy, Samantha Fish, New Kingston, West End Blend, The Elovators, Quadrafunk, The Quins, and more.In addition to this initial slate of artists, which includes some of the best acts the jam, reggae, bluegrass, funk, and soul worlds have to offer, Levitate will host a “Mihali & Friends Community Jam” led by Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle. Considering the wealth of fantastic musicians in this year’s Levitate “Community,” this jam session is sure to be something special.More information about Levitate Music Festival can be found via their website, and tickets are currently available to the public. You can check out the full line-up announce below!last_img read more