Farewell to a Friend, Hello to the Future

first_imgTo our dearest Alienware X51,It’s never easy saying goodbye. But the time has come.In four brilliant years you’ve garnered tons of product awards and found your way into the hearts of countless gamers.Your sleek design, solid performance and steadfast reliability made you a darling among eSports fans and tournament organizers alike. Your affordability introduced Alienware to a whole new group of players, a first opportunity to wade into the shimmering pool of VR gaming.When you hit the scene in 2012, the critics were positive across the board. PC Magazine, in its Editors’ Choice review, praised your “full-size hard drive, desktop-class quad-core processor, and, best of all, a 150-watt discrete graphics card with multimonitor support.” CNET affirmed that “Alienware has successfully brought its brand to an affordable, suitably stylized package,” recommending X51 to “anyone in the market for a mainstream gaming PC.”You proved that big things can come in small packages, as Computer World wrote, “offering excellent gaming performance in a slim chassis.” IGN recognized that you were specifically designed to slide into an entertainment center, and that, paired with a wireless keyboard or controller, could be played from the couch “while delivering graphics far superior to the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.”&nbsp;</p><p>X51, you’ve been an amazing competitor. As the world’s top athletes prepare to assemble in Rio, your success might be seen like a relay runner – giving it everything, then passing the baton forward.To whom do you pass the baton? Not just one, but two worthy successors: Aurora and Alpha.For gamers looking for a mid-tower desktop with full-scale power and performance, not to mention an affordable entry into 4k gaming and VR, the Aurora is a champion. Get the latest and greatest processors from Intel, with an option for liquid cooling, as well support for peak graphics performance from NVidia Pascal and, coming soon, AMD Polaris GPUs. With a smaller footprint than the previous version, the new Alienware Aurora packs more dedicated graphics power, plus incredible responsiveness and storage capacity, in an aggressive midsize tower. Much of the graphics and storage expandability can come easy with Alienware’s first chassis that allows tool-less access, and with a wide variety of performance and pricing options, gamers can have a great gaming system starting at $799.99.For those who need an ultra-small form factor desktop that packs a punch, gamers need look no further than the Alienware Alpha. Its ultra-compact design fits any environment and is ideal for portable LAN parties. It’s also packed with power, its NVIDIA GTX 960 delivering 60 percent better graphics than the previous generation, cranking through some of the latest and most demanding PC games. Also newly compatible with the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, the new Alpha has the upgradeability to rock the living room or the dorm room. Prices start at $599.99.X51, we’ll never forget you. And the same goes for our X51 customers; you aren’t forgotten either and we’ll certainly continue to honor your warranty.Some relationships are forever.Please join us in our revelry and comment online. Not yet a member of Alienware Arena? Sign up to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Follow Alienware on Twitter @Alienware and Facebook, and tune into Alienware.tv for the latest updates, information and gameplay.last_img read more

Interview with Nasuni: customizing, shipping and supporting systems around the world

first_imgContinuing with our Dell Server customer interview series, I recently had the chance to talk with Nasuni’s Fred Pinkett, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management and Jay Ferren, Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations. Here’s our conversation:Ravi Pendekanti: Thanks for talking with me today, Fred and Jay. To kick things off, could you give us some background information on Nasuni and what your role is there?Fred: Nasuni provides a hybrid solution to store, protect, share and access all enterprise files. It is powered by UniFS, the world’s first cloud-native file system. The combination of cloud storage and local edge appliances enables unlimited scale, continuous versioning and high-performance distributed file access. I am responsible for product marketing content, Nasuni’s hardware product, and other product marketing and management functions.Jay: I manage Dell premiere integration partners for global distribution of Nasuni Edge Appliances, forward and reverse logistics, and global hardware sparing strategy.RP: What is the solution Nasuni put together integrating Dell OEM technology? Fred: Nasuni’s entire line of Edge Appliances are based on Dell OEM technology. We are able cover use cases from small remote offices with tower systems to thousands of users at datacenter locations with all flash, rack-mounted appliances. Dell OEM technology allows us to be able to customize, ship and support systems across the globe. Dell OEM allows us to handle issues of customs, certification and compliance with ease.RP: Did global support and supply chain help influence your decision to go with Dell?  What other criteria factored into your assessment?Jay: Dell provided us a product and services that was incomparable to others we looked at.  We needed for the solution to include a number of critical elements such as global regulatory certification, delivery and mission critical support, 4 hour on-site, dedicated account manager and technical account manager, and the ability to escalate to senior support.  In addition, the company we chose needed to provide best in class component manufacturers, customization of standard product, a wide variety of platforms to meet our product needs, product stability options for extended life, and a competitive cost of goods.RP: We saw that you published a case study with Austin Radiology Association.  Can you tell us a little bit about how that solution solves ARA’s business needs?Fred: ARA was dealing with massive file growth that was overwhelming their existing storage and data protection systems. As 2D mammography moved to 3D, the files are getting larger and more numerous. By combining Nasuni’s Dell powered appliances with cloud storage as part of Nasuni’s hybrid solution, ARA will be able to scale their file storage without limits, avoid costly hardware refreshes while providing fast access to their files.RP: How does the Dell and Nasuni offering help meet compliance and security that a healthcare customer like ARA demands?Fred: Dell’s systems offer all of the certifications required as well as the option of self-encrypting drives to protect data at rest in the edge appliance. Nasuni’s strong security model combines local encryption under a key controlled by the customer and integration with Active Directory to ensure that nobody but ARA can access ARA’s data in the cloud.RP: If you met someone else who was beginning a similar project, what advice would you give them?Jay: Consider the factors we’ve been discussing, as well as financial factors such as better management of your cash flow, and how inventory and spares will be managed and billed. Also consider whether you want a fully outsourced model to avoid the costs of managing logistics yourself. Finally make sure you consider all the costs and fees for in-country support and spares as well as whether you’ll need to have local presence to engage with the OEM partner. Outsourcing the end-to-end solution to Dell OEM allows Nasuni to provide our solution with minimal overhead and management.last_img read more

Simplify and Accelerate Modern Apps with PowerEdge + VMware vSphere

first_imgUse existing resources – With vSphere with Tanzu, you can drop-in enterprise grade Kubernetes into your existing infrastructure. Working within the already familiar vCenter, you can now: Flexible – PowerEdge servers can help you flexibly architect your hybrid cloud with a wide variety of form factors, including the PowerEdge MX, which was built for the SDDC with our kinetic architecture. vSphere with Tanzu allows you to BYOS (bring your own storage), and you can choose your own L4 load balancing solutions. Unified lifecycle management – vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM), a new feature in vSphere 7, provides one solution to configure, patch, or upgrade ESXi clusters. With 7 U1, vLCM capabilities patching and firmware upgrades are expanded to vSAN, and NSX-T. Paired with Dell EMC Open Manage Integration for VMware vCenter (OMIVV), you can automate and consolidate key PowerEdge server management tasks in the VMware vCenter console. The time savings is significant. In fact, a recent Principled Technologies study showed that using vLCM with OMIVV to update the hypervisor and firmware on PowerEdge servers in an eight-node cluster resulted in 98% fewer steps and 98% less hands-on time than doing it manually.* Based on Principled Technologies Study, August 2020, Commissioned by Dell TechnologiesFast – Developer teams spend a lot of infrastructure operations related to networking and storage for Kubernetes deployment, which takes away time from development and slows down the speed to production. With vSphere with Tanzu, operations can now leverage existing vSphere environment to deliver Kubernetes clusters to the developer teams quickly. Together, Dell EMC and VMware look forward to our continued partnership as we help our joint customers navigate this rapidly changing world of modern apps along their journey to the hybrid cloud.To learn more about joint PowerEdge and VMware solutions, visit our solutions page.¹ IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2020 Predictions, Doc # US45599219, Oct 2019.² Worldwide Container Infrastructure Software Forecast, 2018–2022, IDC, Dec 2018. Scale – PowerEdge servers are designed with scalable business architecture designed for modern workloads. Whether it’s a scale-up or scale-out need, PowerEdge servers are designed to support flexibility on the processors, accelerators, memory, storage and networking. With vSphere 7u1, a vSphere cluster can now support 50% higher number of hosts (compared to a previous release). And vSAN HCI mesh (7 U1) enables you to scale storage and compute separately, improving scalability and resource storage and compute utilization. Align Dev Ops & IT – IT teams are often challenged with infrastructure silos, and IT struggles to deliver infrastructure for modern applications at the desired pace of Dev Ops teams or LOB; vSphere with Tanzu allows these teams to operate with their existing skillset and deliver a self-service access to infrastructure for the Dev Ops team, while also delivering observability and troubleshooting for Kubernetes to IT teams. Now IT teams can use vSphere tools to deliver modern developer services to developer teams on existing vSphere infrastructure and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters alongside virtual machines through vCenter.center_img Prepare for Future Growth – Since vSphere is required to run vSAN, NSX and VMware Cloud Foundation, running them on PowerEdge servers lays a solid foundation for future growth. You can take advantage of the many benefits of Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes or use VCF for your hybrid cloud deployments. So, no matter where you are on your journey to the hybrid cloud, PowerEdge and VMware provides customized solution that help you simplify and accelerate your modern applications. Support – Dell EMC ProSupport offers a single contact with 1,800+ VMware certified Dell EMC support professionals. This means only one call to support both hardware and software, with nearly all calls handled without escalation. Provision Kubernetes clusters within minutes using the same familiar, simple toolsAllocate core infrastructure services and resources using namespaces for developer teamsManage and deploy Kubernetes workloads and provision role-based access and allocating capacityManage multiple Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) clusters as namespaces with observability, troubleshooting and resiliency With the launch of vSphere 7U1, VMware brings the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes in existing infrastructure, providing even more opportunities for PowerEdge and vSphere customers. The integration and partnership is designed to make running workloads on PowerEdge faster and easier than ever before. Today’s organizations face countless challenges on their journey to the hybrid cloud. Managing monstrous amounts of data, determining workload placement, running containers, juggling multiple operating models and dealing with infrastructure silos – all while prioritizing security – is no easy feat. Application modernization is often slow and expensive. And for organizations running Kubernetes, developer teams can spend a significant amount of time on infrastructure operations related to networking and storage. This slows down production and takes away resources that could be better used elsewhere.The shift toward modern applications and container use is most certainly on the rise. In fact, IDC predicts that over the next five years, enterprises will build 500 million logical apps using cloud native tools and methods. For comparison, that’s equal to the total number of apps built over the last 40 years.¹ IDC also predicts that by 2022, 77% of organizations will deploy containers primarily in the data center.²Modern Applications Require Modern InfrastructureIt’s no secret that modern applications require modern infrastructure. Fortunately, using the right tools and choosing the right IT partners can help you navigate the journey. By consolidating and using existing resources to simplify and accelerate workload deployment, you can better manage your applications and free up staff to focus on other critical tasks.Today, VMware announced vSphere 7U1, which includes several updated features to help organizations modernize their workloads and infrastructure. One of those key new features is vSphere with Tanzu, which brings Kubernetes to the fingertips of millions of IT admins across the globe.This update is significant because it provides even more opportunities to help our joint Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware customers meet the needs of their customers. Building on a 20+ year partnership, together we have a solid foundation of providing integrated solutions that help organizations manage their workloads and navigate their journey to the hybrid cloud.“VMware vSphere with Tanzu in combination with Dell PowerEdge servers will provide organizations with the fastest path to modernize their workloads,” said Krish Prasad, SVP CPBU and GM vSphere, VMware. “Dell PowerEdge customers will have rapid access to VMware vSphere with Tanzu at general availability—providing them with the latest technologies to kickstart their Kubernetes initiatives and deliver self-service access to application-ready infrastructure to their developers.”With today’s focus on modern applications it’s now more critical than ever that your hardware and software work together. Not only do you need a modernized approach to applications, but you need modernized infrastructure to run those applications.So, whether you’re just getting started with virtualization or already using Kubernetes, here are 9 Reasons to partner with Dell EMC PowerEdge and VMware on your journey to the hybrid cloud: Simplicity – vSphere with Tanzu simplifies operations of Kubernetes on premises. You can use vCenter for managing Kubernetes workloads by deploying Kubernetes clusters, provisioning role-based access and allocating capacity for developer teams.last_img read more

Ailing pope, reducing appearances, prays for homeless dead

first_imgVATICAN CITY (AP) — Ailing Pope Francis, who is making limited public appearances due to persistent pain, drew attention to the plight of homeless people in winter, including a Nigerian man who froze to death not far from the Vatican. Francis on Sunday asked for prayers for the man named Edwin, who he said was 46, and who was “ignored by all, abandoned, even by us.” A day after the Vatican said that Francis, 84, was suffering again from sciatica, a nerve inflammation that can affect the lower back and legs, the pope skipped celebrating Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. But he appeared in the Apostolic Palace library to give his blessing.last_img read more

Uphill battle to convict cop who shot Andre Hill, data shows

first_imgCOLUMBUS, OHio (AP) — Data shows that prosecutors will face an uphill battle in winning a murder conviction against the Ohio officer who shot and killed Andre Hill. Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy was indicted Wednesday by a Franklin County grand jury following an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Coy, who is white, shot Hill, a Black man, on Dec. 22 as he walked out of a garage holding a cell phone. Historical data compiled by criminologist Philip Stinson shows that of 96 criminal cases against officers concluded nationally since 2005, 44 resulted in convictions and 52 in acquittals.last_img read more

Russia expels EU diplomats over Navalny as tensions rise

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s Foreign Ministry says it is expelling diplomats from Sweden, Poland and Germany, accusing them of attending a rally in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, as international tensions grew over the jailing of the Kremlin’s most prominent foe. The announcement came as the European Union’s foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell told Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that the treatment of Navalny represents “a low point” in the relations between Brussels and Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the diplomats took part in what it called “unlawful” rallies Jan. 23. Tens of thousands of people across Russia took to the streets that day to protest Navalny’s arrest. European officials immediately denounced the move.last_img read more

Reopening debate testing Biden’s ties with teachers unions

first_imgThe school reopening debate is presenting an early test of President Joe Biden’s allegiance with powerful teachers unions. As teachers unions in some areas demand vaccines before returning to in-person instruction, the CDC’s director on Wednesday said teachers do not need vaccines to reopen safely. Some believed the CDC’s position would drive a wedge between Biden and teachers unions, but unions say that’s not the case. Even those demanding vaccines say shots would not be required if schools were taking other steps to make buildings safe. But they say schools have failed to update ventilation systems and take other important steps, making vaccines critical.last_img read more