Israel rebuked for ‘biggest demolition of Palestinian homes in years’

first_imgAccording to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha), 76 structures – including homes, animal shelters, toilets and solar panels – were destroyed when Israeli bulldozers moved in late on Tuesday.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img

Las Vegas Raiders to appeal ‘draconian’ sanctions for COVID-19 violations, says owner Mark Davis | NFL News

first_imgLas Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says ‘people have the wrong impression’ about his team Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says 'people have the wrong impression' about his team
Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis says 'people have the wrong impression' about his team

The fight is not over, and neither is the celebration of a Biden-Harris presidency

first_img– Advertisement – Oh, to be in D.C. today.Delusional MAGA-bots stormed the Capitol, but they weren’t alone.Let’s take a moment to see what this historic moment looked like for the nation’s new leadership. Here’s a snapshot from Biden’s daughter.The epic, super-big deal that is a woman of color ascending to veep is not lost on ANYONE.It’s baffling, when you think about it. This country is so sexist, and racist.But, today is a new day. This is a very, very big deal.xFor the first time in American history, come January 20, 2021, the second and third in line to the presidency will both be women.— Kristin Wilson (@kristin__wilson) November 7, 2020The woman who should have been the nation’s first woman president only had kind words on offer.x Sec. Hillary Clinton was far from the only big name to celebrate the brighter days ahead.Folks celebrated wherever they were. 11/07/2020 is an entire MOOD.Cher is known for being quite vocal—often in all-caps—on Twitter, but she held back … “for Joe.”xCan’t Believe It ,IM SO SO, SO,SO HAPPY😭.It Would Be Easy To Post Horrible Pictures & Cartoons Oftrump,but Knowing Joe,He Really Means What He Says About Being The President ForEVERY🇺🇸,& As Tempting as itWOULD BE,OUT OF RESPECT FOR JOE I WONT POSTHORRIBLE PICS OF trump🙄— Cher (@cher) November 7, 2020Even musicians known for being melancholy couldn’t stifle their joy. Another famous Brit, while celebrating the Biden-Harris victory, reminded us how much Trump has hurt perceptions of the U.S. around the world. xI’m so looking forward to coming back to an America free of harsh words and name calling and be amongst people who I know have common ground and harmony. It’s a challenge but it can be done!— Mick Jagger (@MickJagger) November 7, 2020Seriously. It’s not just we who have been forced to live under Trump who are relieved. It’s the whole damn world. Elsewhere in Europe …And on the other side of the globe …But let’s get back to the cities that made this happen. What’s happening, Atlanta? Masks up, flags up. Georgians aren’t worried about a recount … if Trump even pays for one.I’m not sure where this happened but I feel like this MAGA-bot didn’t expect this response.But sure, dude, let’s check in with MAGAworld. Just for a minute. This poor child (who is probably a teenager by now) is so close to freedom (from memes, anyway).The silence truly was deafening from the right …xHere’s what Mitch McConnell & his team have tweeted about since the presidential race was called in Joe Biden’s favor:MCCONNELL: No tweetsTHUNE: DittoBARRASSO: SameBLUNT: SameERNST: SameYOUNG: List of restaurants that are open in Indy— Laura Litvan (@LauraLitvan) November 7, 2020… unless they were spewing nonsense.Wow. We deserve a palate cleanser after that. In fact, we deserve two. My dearly departed hero made a promise we helped prove true. x“Be kind. Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Never get down. It’s all gonna be okay…We’re one people. We’re one family. We all live in the same house.” – John Lewis— Tim O’Brien (@TimOBrien) November 7, 2020Dammit. Who’s cutting onions? Nobody, actually. I’m crying. Rep. Lewis was right. It is gonna be okay. It is gonna be alright. But before we put the Kleenex away, let’s check in with another American hero.Time for a laugh .This definitely cracked me up. Be sure to watch till the end. Seriously, though, let’s give credit where it’s due. xIt’s also really important to mention this: non-white voters saved this democracy. GA would not have flipped, and overall Democratic turnout would’ve been insufficient w/o Black and Latino voters— abe 🎃 (@abel_craig) November 6, 2020Hooray for Black voters! I worked at a 100% Black precinct that got drowned out by racist white voters for Trump. I cried on Election Night, but then …xLet’s go!!!!! Black voters came through…again. Be proud as hell but do not stop! We must stay organized and keep working. We just tipping off. I promise you I’m here for y’all throughout! ✊🏾💪🏾🖤 @Morethanavote— LeBron James (@KingJames) November 6, 2020And it wasn’t just Black voters.xAnd the Navaho Nation! :1. of the 85,000 registered voters on Navajo 76,000 voted. 89% turn out2. Of those 76,000 voters 74,000 voted for Biden & 2,000 for Trump3. Biden’s current lead in Arizona sits at about 40,000♥️♥️♥️Ya’ah’teeh MFs— seabird (@burdettchris) November 7, 2020Indigenous people made a HUGE difference in this election. xWith a lot of talk about Native voting in Arizona. I thought I would share 2 maps. The left is a map showcasing all 22 tribes in the state. The right an updated 2020 voting results maps by precinct. This give you an idea of how Indigenous communities voted in the 2020 election.— Shondiin Silversmith⁷ (@DiinSilversmith) November 6, 2020A big ¡gracias! to the Latino voters! xLatino voters turned up and helped turn AZ blue for the first time in 24 years. Not only are we taking your jobs, we’re taking your states too! 😂😂😂— Liz Gonzales (@TheLizGonzales) November 4, 2020The Biden-Harris win at the hand of Americans of color certainly doesn’t fix what Trump’s done to this country, though—or the hatred that ushered him into power in the first place. xVictory is not enough. It must be followed by de-Nazification.— Victor Laszlo (@Impolitics) November 7, 2020The Trump “empire” hasn’t fallen, not by a longshot.Just look at the popular vote, and how close it was. Roughly 70 million voters were just fine with four more years of Trump. Chances are, you know some of them.xcan’t believe we have to skip the one thanksgiving where WE get to be annoying as fuck about the election— Kate Halliwell (@katehalliwell) November 7, 2020But for every Uncle Racist and Aunt Trumplover out there, there’s a Grandma Liberal. I hope you didn’t put your Kleenex away.I’m a sucker for dates and anniversaries and such, so this one got me in my feelings.xCNN reports Biden was first elected to the senate this day in 1972.— Jewel Wicker (@jewelwickershow) November 7, 2020President-elect Biden’s victory video was very moving, too. xAmerica, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country.The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not.I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 7, 2020I could go on forever, but I’m gonna end things here.Look. I know I missed a TON of great celebrations in most of the cities who helped make this win happen, but I have a deadline and I’ve been working on this all day. So drop YOUR favorite scenes from Victory Day (are we calling it that?) below, and let’s have a victory party of our own in the comments!Democrats can win the Senate. Are you still in this fight? Donate now to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to win the Georgia runoffs. My yard is full of signs that make clear EXACTLY where I stand, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when, almost as soon as the election was finally called for Biden and Harris Saturday morning, my neighbors—even those I’d never met—descended for some celebratory bubbles. Once I stopped sobbing with joy, a neighbor took the best photo of me ever taken. ImageYes, my shirt does say “Anyone but Trump 2020.” I bought it just before Trump’s poorly-attended inauguration.Of course, not all of my neighbors were happy. Mysteriously, the “Make Liberals Cry Again” flag has vanished from the house five doors down. And then this happened.- Advertisement – Alas, I don’t live in a major city. I live in a sleepy small town in Trump country. Let’s see what was happening in New York City. Seriously. The entire city exploded with joy. Here’s an impromptu march, marked by the former reality TV star’s catchphrase.- Advertisement – Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, those who Trump tried to enlist as his accomplices in stealing the election were celebrated.They also did their own bit of celebrating. While the hometown that rejected him rejoiced, Donald Trump was golfing. Yes, really. Washington, D.C. residents welcomed him back to his soon-to-be former home in the way you might expect.People do not like the 45th occupant of the White House. Trump risked the life of his Secret Service detail to wave at supporters outside Walter Reed when he had COVID-19. He didn’t wave at this crowd.This gentleman had a special gift for the one-term president.After months of being force-fed footage of Trump Super Spreaders, folks were happy to sing Trump’s signature rally song to him once he was home.x xTo have had the pleasure of walking around New York today during this historical moment, as the news hit, and seeing New Yorkers smiling, singing, waving, dancing and playing songs on their pots and pans from their balconies has been PURE magic. I felt like I was in a movie. 🇺🇸❤️— Jameela Jamil 🌈 (@jameelajamil) November 7, 2020People were literally dancing in the streets … together.Even native New Yorkers were struck by the widespread, vocal celebration.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Artem Chigvintsev, Nikki Bella’s Son Is ‘Definitely Athletic’

first_imgToo early to tell! Artem Chigvintsev isn’t sure whether son Matteo will follow in his or Nikki Bella’s footsteps.“Right now, it’s hard to tell because today he literally had this playground with the animals hanging and today, he tore the monkey,” the Dancing With the Stars pro, 38, told Us Weekly and other reporters on Monday, November 9. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I can’t believe he just did that. But at the same time, he moves his legs so fast. Maybe a runner? I don’t know.”- Advertisement – The Russian dancer added that his and the Total Bellas star’s 3-month-old is “definitely athletic” already.Nikki Bella Matteo Athletic Artem ChigvintsevNikki Bella, Matteo, and Artem Chigvintsev Courtesy of Nikki Bella/InstagramWhen asked about Matteo possibly seeing his mom back in the wrestling ring one day, Chigvintsev replied, “She’s been having talks about coming back and doing something together with [her twin sister], Brie [Bella.] They both have kids, and I feel like they still have this unclosed chapter with wrestling. I would not be surprised.”The Burn the Floor alum explained that Nikki needed to be careful about her previous neck surgery, adding, “I’d love to be cheering in the front row sitting with Matteo on my lap … like, ‘Go, Mommy, go!’”- Advertisement – Nikki announced her WWE retirement in March 2019, saying she felt “too old to travel.” The reveal came weeks after Brie, who is the mother of daughter Birdie, 3, and son Buddy, 3 months, put an end to her wrestling career as well.Nikki Bella Matteo Athletic BeanieNikki Bella and Matteo Courtesy of Nikki Bella/InstagramAs for Chigvintsev, the choreographer competed on seasons 19 through 27 of DWTS as a pro before he was cut from the cast in August 2019. He called the news a “massive shock” at the time.- Advertisement – “There was never a thought in my mind that I’m not gonna be doing it,” the Broadway star explained in a “Total Bellas Podcast” episode later that same month. “There’s always a chance, as a pro, you might be doing some performances on the show and there’s still an involvement in some sort. But getting this call, [hearing], ‘There’s gonna be no involvement in the show from now on,’ it’s like going through a breakup after 10 years.”Chigvintsev was asked back in August for season 29 and is currently teamed with Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Bristowe. “I just can’t wait to get back,” he previously gushed on Good Morning America. “And I want to dedicate this season to my little boy.”With reporting by Kayley StumpeListen to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood as each week the editors of Us break down the hottest entertainment news stories! – Advertisement –last_img read more

Celebrity Red Carpet Fashion, Style

first_imgSuch chic people! The 2020 People’s Choice Awards is taking place tonight, November 15, and it has proven to be quite a stylish A-lister affair. With Jennifer Lopez being honored and Demi Lovato hosting, how could it not be? Broadcast live from Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, celebs hit the red carpet in their coolest, most beautiful looks. And though the night’s still young, we cannot get enough! – Advertisement – – Advertisement – The People’s Choice Awards has always been a head-turning event when it comes to celebrity style. Just last year, we saw lots of standout ensembles, including Zendaya’s  cutout Christopher Esber gown, Gwen Stefani’s ruffled white Vera Wang number and Lucy Hale’s single-sleeve jumpsuit. Not to mention all the Kardashian sisters attended in their sexiest get-ups. While Kim dazzled in a two-tone Versace dress with sequins on one side and a snakeskin print on the other, Kourtney rocked a glitzy embellished pantsuit with a black bra peeking out and Khloé donned a form-fitting frock with a thigh-high slit. – Advertisement –center_img So far, this year, it’s been equally as awe-worthy. Giuliana Rancic slayed, per usual, in a single-sleeve, animal print number and Lovato dazzled in an orange sequin-covered jumpsuit with matching her cocktail rings. To see these looks and more from the incredible People’s Choice Awards red carpet, keep scrolling. Listen on Spotify to Get Tressed With Us to get the details of every hair love affair in Hollywood, from the hits and misses on the red carpet to your favorite celebrities’ street style ‘dos (and don’ts!)- Advertisement –last_img read more

Smallpox shots caused unexpected side effects in CDC study

first_imgApr 29, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – In a recent study, some laboratory and public health workers who received smallpox shots reported several side effects that have not shown up in other studies, including joint and abdominal pain, backache, and breathing difficulty.The side effects were reported by both first-time vaccinees and previously vaccinated workers but were more common in the first-time vaccinees, according to the report by James Baggs and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta.”As with recently described cardiac adverse events [following smallpox shots], our unexpected findings of increased proportions of subjects with joint pain, abdominal pain, backache, and difficulty breathing are suggestive of systemic involvement and warrant further study,” says the report, published in the Apr 15 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases.However, none of the reactions were severe, and they all cleared up within a few weeks after vaccination, according to the report.The study involved 1,006 laboratory and CDC workers who were immunized with conventional smallpox vaccine (Dryvax) in 2001 and 2002. Most were lab workers doing research in which vaccinia virus—the main ingredient in smallpox vaccine—was used as a vector. The vaccinees were given diary cards and asked to record any symptoms each day for 28 days after vaccination.Three slightly different diary cards were used during the study period. Only the first version had a question about vaccination history. For participants who used the two later versions, the investigators used a roster of smallpox vaccinees to determine vaccination history.Of the 1,006 diary cards, 936 (93%) were returned, the report says. Forty-seven percent of the respondents were older than 40, while 37% were between 31 and 40 and 26% were between 18 and 30. None of the workers reported severe reactions, and almost all the reported symptoms had disappeared by the end of 4 weeks. Itching at the vaccination site was the most common reaction, reported by more than 80% of the vaccinees.Eleven symptoms were significantly more common in primary vaccinees than in those previously vaccinated. These included three of the unexpected symptoms: joint pain (25% vs 11%), abdominal pain (11% vs 2%), and backache (17% vs 7%). The other symptoms for which the two groups differed significantly were muscle pain (46% vs 19%), fatigue (43% vs 29%), swelling at the vaccination site (58% vs 33%), itching on the body (31% vs 17%), swollen or tender lymph nodes (71% vs 33%), pain at the injection site (48% vs 30%), headache (40% vs 25%), and fever of at least 100ºF (20% vs 9%).Primary vaccinees had higher rates of several other symptoms as well, but the differences were not significant. The symptoms and respective rates were breathing difficulty (4% vs 1%), itching at the injection site (92% vs 84%), cough (11% vs 7%), loss of appetite (14% vs 8%), and chills (19% vs 12%).By age-group, vaccinees 18 to 30 years were significantly more likely than those in the two older groups (31 to 40 and over 40) to report most symptoms, including joint and abdominal pain, backache, and breathing difficulty. Age and vaccination history were strongly related, as 88% of the youngest group had not been vaccinated before, versus 21% of the middle group and 2% of the oldest group.Previous studies of smallpox vaccination have generally shown higher rates of side effects in primary vaccinees than in revaccinees. But three of the authors told CIDRAP News that the findings concerning joint, abdominal, and back pain and difficult breathing were unexpected on two counts: because they hadn’t been reported in previous studies and because of the significant differences between primary vaccinees and revaccinees.However, the investigators said previous studies did not look for these specific symptoms, as far as they knew, and added, “This study is one of only a few to describe mild to moderate symptoms following smallpox vaccination especially in a population with both primary and revaccinees.” Authors Baggs, Robert Chen, and Gina Mootrey made the comments via e-mail.The report says that breathing difficulty was not reported as a side effect in a 2002 study by Sharon Frey and colleagues of the effects of diluted and undiluted Dryvax in 665 previously unvaccinated young adults. The current study collected data “about a slightly different set of adverse events” than Frey and colleagues did, and consequently it documented “a broader range of systemic side effects,” the article says.The proportion of vaccinees who reported nausea in the 2002 study was about the same as the proportion reporting abdominal pain in the present study. The latter did not specifically ask for information about nausea, though three people reported it in a space for comments.”Those who reported abdominal pain and/or difficulty breathing were more likely to report a number of other symptoms, suggesting these symptoms were part of a larger clinical syndrome and not a reporting artifact,” the researchers write.One limitation of the study, the article says, is that self-reporting with diary cards may have made participants more likely to report symptoms than they would have been otherwise. In addition, the lack of vaccination history information for some participants, along with the high correlation of age with vaccination status, meant there was some potential for confounding.However, the study findings, combined with risk factors in today’s population, “suggest that development of safer vaccines should be pursued and further expansion of pre-event smallpox vaccination should be done cautiously,” the article concludes.In their e-mail, the authors noted that some research on safer smallpox vaccines is under way. The British firm Acambis is testing modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA), a weakened form of smallpox vaccine, under a contract with the Department of Health and Human Services. The company has completed a phase 1 trial with 22 patients and plans to start phase 2 trials, in which adverse events will be closely watched, the authors reported. (Bavarian Nordic A/S of Denmark also has a federal contract to develop and test an MVA vaccine.)The three authors said one other study, being conducted by the Department of Defense and the CDC’s Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment Network, could also look for systemic reactions to smallpox vaccination. But that trial is “primarily a cardiac study looking at systemic markers of inflammation,” they said.Baggs J, Chen RT, Damon IK, et al. Safety profile of smallpox vaccine: insights from the laboratory worker smallpox vaccination program. Clin Infect Dis 2005 Apr 15;40(8):1133-40 [Full text]See also:Frey SE, Couch RB, Tacket CO, et al. Clinical responses to undiluted and diluted smallpox vaccine. N Engl J Med 2002 Apr 25;346(17):1265-74 [Full text]CDC information on normal reactions to smallpox vaccine read more

CDC says some foodborne illnesses rose in 2006

first_imgApr 12, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Preliminary data from 2006 show that foodborne illnesses caused by Escherichia coli and Vibrio rose, while cases caused by other pathogens leveled off or slowly declined, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today. It’s not clear what the higher incidence of S Enteritidis cases means, he said, noting that the predominant phage type is associated with chicken meat, rather than eggs. “Chicken is one of the most commonly eaten foods, so given the widespread consumption, a small problem with food handling, either in the restaurant or in personal kitchens, can translate into larger volume issues,” Hedberg said. Compared with the CDC’s 2005 report, the new report shows little change in illness rates for many of the pathogens FoodNet tracks. The rate of salmonellosis cases in 2006 was 14.81 per 100,000 people, compared with 14.55 in 2005. The 2006 and 2005 incidence rates for others are as follows: Campylobacter, 12.71 and 12.72; Shigella, 6.09 and 4.67; Cryptosporidium, 1.91 and 2.95; and E coli O157, 1.31 and 1.06. Apr 12 CDC news release The data come from the CDC’s FoodNet surveillance system, which covers about 15% of the US population and collects information from 10 states. A report detailing the 2006 findings appears in the Apr 13 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Robert Tauxe, deputy director of the CDC’s division of foodborne, bacterial, and mycotic diseases, told reporters that to reduce fresh produce–related illnesses, the industry should follow the example of the meat industry, which saw outbreaks decrease after it developed a set of food safety engineering principles. The higher than normal S Javiana incidence could suggest that there may be some risk related to produce, Hedberg said, noting that the strain has been associated with previous tomato-linked outbreaks. FoodNet surveillance identified a total of 17,252 laboratory-confirmed foodborne infections in 2006. Salmonella accounted for 6,655 cases, about 39% of the total. There were 5,712 Campylobacter cases, about 33% of the total. The CDC reports 2,736 Shigella cases, 859 Cryptosporidium cases, and 590 cases of Shiga toxin–producing E coli (STEC) O157. The rest of the cases included STEC non-O157 (209), Yersinia (158), Vibrio (154), Listeria (138), and Cyclospora (41). CDC. Preliminary FoodNet data on the incidence of infection with pathogens transmitted commonly through food—10 states, United States, 2006. MMWR 2007 Apr 13; 56(14):336-39 [Full text] See also: Craig Hedberg, PhD, a foodborne disease expert and associate professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, told CIDRAP News that he didn’t see many striking changes in the 2006 FoodNet report. Some of the increase in E coli O157 infections could be linked to the nationwide outbreaks, he said, but other environmental issues could be contributing to the problem. The CDC uses FoodNet data to assess national trends in foodborne illness. The agency compares each year’s disease outbreak totals with data from 1996 through 1998, the first 3 years of FoodNet’s surveillance program. The CDC noted that Campylobacter, Listeria, Shigella, and Yersina infections continued a slow decline from that baseline period, though most of the decrease occurred between 1999 and 2002. To adjust for the increase in the FoodNet surveillance area since 1996, the CDC uses a statistical model to estimate the changes in rates of foodborne infections since the baseline period. Estimated declines include 50% for Yersinia, 35% for Shigella, 34%, for Listeria, and 30% for Campylobacter. Incidences of Cryptosporidium and E coli did not change significantly from baseline. The FoodNet system recorded 71 cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome, a life-threatening complication of E coli O157 infections, among children in 2005, the latest data available, which is up from 44 cases in 2004. Increases in E coli cases over the past 2 years have erased declines that occurred in 2003 and 2004 when beef-processing safety measures took effect, and the number of Vibrio infections rose to its highest level since FoodNet surveillance began in 1996. Among the notable changes, the rate of Vibrio infections compared to baseline was up dramatically in 2006 at 78%, compared to 41% in 2005. Of the 147 cases recorded by FoodNet in 2006, 94 (64%) were parahaemolyticus isolates. CDC director Julie Gerberding, who introduced the report today at a press conference, said the results show that more work needs to be done on the food safety front, particularly in the fresh-produce industry, which in 2006 had nationwide outbreaks involving spinach, tomatoes, and lettuce. “We need ongoing work to reduce exposure of our produce to E coli O157,” she said. The incidence of Salmonella infections did not decrease from baseline, though the CDC noted some changes in the serotypes identified: S Typhimurimum decreased significantly (41%), but significant increases were seen for S Enteritidis (28%), S Newport (42%), and S Javiana (92%). “The meat industry shared information among themselves, in a noncompetitive arena, about what was successful,” he said.last_img read more

CDC: Flu activity picks up pace, hits summer camps

first_imgJun 26, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – An official from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today that the nation just saw its largest weekly increase in cases since the beginning of the novel flu outbreak and that the virus has so far been detected at 34 summer camps in 16 states.Anne Schuchat, MD, interim deputy director for the CDC’s science and public health program, told reporters, “The key point is that this new infectious disease is not going away.” Of the nearly 28,000 cases that have been confirmed in the United States, more than 6,000 were reported over the past week, according to the weekly update the CDC issued today.She said influenza activity is widespread in 12 states, something very unusual for summer months, but not so unusual for an influenza pandemic. States reporting widespread activity are Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, and Virginia. Nine others are reporting regional activity.More than 99% of typed influenza isolates are the novel flu strain, Schuchat said. “So virtually all of the influenza that’s circulating and getting a diagnosis is this new strain.”Clinical patterns in patients who are sick with the pandemic flu strain are staying constant, with the highest illness rates in people younger than age 25, she said, adding that the median age of those hospitalized with more severe illnesses is 19. However, the median age of people who are dying from novel H1N1 is somewhat older, 37.Schuchat estimated that about three fourths of the patients who died from the disease had underlying health conditions, though the CDC doesn’t have complete information on all 127 fatalities that have been reported.She noted that though morbid obesity has been singled out as a risk factor that might be unique to the pandemic outbreak, the CDC wants to clarify that some severely obese patients have chronic lung disease that has developed from the burden of the extra weight. “So it’s really not a new risk factor for influenza, it’s just a repackaging of that chronic lung disease that we’ve always known was a risk for influenza,” she said.Members of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), which just wrapped up a meeting in Atlanta, discussed several pandemic flu issues, including how to plan for novel flu vaccine distribution, if federal officials decide to use it, Schuchat said. CDC officials are preparing different scenarios on reaching specific populations that states can use to help develop their vaccine distribution plans.”We haven’t finalized the plans, but states should be thinking about younger people, pregnant women, and people with chronic medical conditions,” she said. “It’s very important for planning to go on.”See also:CDC influenza surveillance report for the week ending Jun 20last_img read more

Ultra stays in Split for another five years?

first_imgThe Mayor of the City of Split, Andro Krstulović Opara, together with his deputies Jelena Hrgović and Nina Vela, and other associates, held a coordination meeting on Monday with the president of NK “Hajduk” Ivan Kos and the organizers of the “Ultra Festival” led by Joe Bašić.The result of the meeting held in the building of the Split City Administration is mutual optimism and the belief that a long-term solution will be defined for holding the “Ultra Festival” in Split in the next 5 years. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Krstulović Opara emphasized that the interest of “Hajduk” in this project is fully protected, and that a final agreement on holding the “Ultra Festival” in Split is expected at the end of this week.Although it was not said how much the Whites are asking for the surrender of Poljud, as he reports Free Dalmatia, it is speculated that it is a little more than 4,2 million kuna, while Hajduk gave Joe Bašić, one of the main organizers of Ultra, until June 30 to sign the contract. According to unofficial information, Ultra offered Split’s first division football team around 2,6 million kuna for a total of three days of the festival, while Hajduk would receive the rest from the city treasury.Last year alone, the festival was watched online by over 6 million spectators, and the state earned around 40 million euros directly from the Ultra Europe Festival alone. Last year, Ultra was visited by about 150 visitors from 143 countries and about 500 foreign journalists just because of the Ultra Festival, and guests who visit the Ultra Festival spend an average of more than 125 euros a day. An interesting fact was presented by the director of the Split Tourist Board, Alijana Vukšić, who points out that more than 22.300 beds are registered in Split today, while four years ago, when the Ultra Europe festival started in Split, there were almost twice as many – 13.000 thousand.Enough information about how important the Ultra Festival is for Split.last_img read more

From next year, PP Papuk will introduce a new price list and individual tickets in Jankovac

first_img2017, the year is certainly one of the most significant for Papuk Nature Park. This year, the Park celebrates its coming of age, and it has been 10 years since Papuk became the first geopark in Croatia under UNESCO protection. A record attendance of the Park was achieved, and several projects co-financed by European funds are in progress, among which the most significant is the Geo Stories project of the UNESCO Geopark.And in order for PP Papuk to be able to develop well and sustainably as well as additionally invest in tourist infrastructure, in accordance with the growing number of visitors, in the area of ​​Papuk Nature Park from next year a new price list is applied and individual tickets are introduced in Jankovac. existing prices for organized groups and expert guides.In addition to nature protection, which is primary, the Park has so far invested heavily in the construction of tourist infrastructure that has been enriched and improved with the aim of improving standards in this protected area in providing services to visitors. Considering that so far only organized groups (HRK 25,00 adults, HRK 20,00 children, mountaineers and pensioners) have paid for the ticket in the entire area of ​​the Park, the Institution, in order to equalize the status of visitors, introduces payment of individual tickets from next year only for Jankovac Forest Park area, and the ticket price will be a symbolic 10,00 kuna, while children will be provided with free entry. The ticket price will include a tourist tour of the Count’s Trail with expert accompaniment and a promotional flyer. The new price list also includes completely new educational programs adapted to the needs of different categories of our visitors. Primary and secondary school students in Požega-Slavonia and Virovitica-Podravina counties will continue to enjoy the beauties of Jankovac on more acceptable terms, and in the coming period a similar cooperation is planned with schools from all five Slavonian counties.Jankovac Forest Park – the strongest tourist assetThe strongest tourist asset is certainly the Jankovac Forest Park, which this year attracts the largest number of visitors. Jankovac is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys, rich in cold springs and clear streams, surrounded by centuries-old letters of the Slavonian forest. “Through multimillion investments made in the past in the wider area of ​​the Papuk Nature Park, and especially in the Jankovac Forest Park, as well as through more than 20 million kuna that we will invest in the next two years in Jankovac, this future symbolic fee gives our visitors a lasting contribution to the protection and preservation of nature in the area of ​​our largest Slavonian pearl, which we must preserve for all future generations ” said Alen Jurenac, director of the Park.The largest realized infrastructure project so far is the Jankovac Eco-point facility. Visitors are thus provided with a hall with 40 seats for various presentations, conferences and educational programs. The building has a souvenir shop and toilets that visitors can use for free, so that the Eco Point fully meets all the needs of modern tourists. “I have been visiting foreign and domestic mountains for more than forty years and I can say from experience that I have paid for a ticket or some form of payment for my stay in many places. Somewhere it is accompanied by good infrastructure in the field, and somewhere by professional and other logistics. Within the boundaries of the Papuk Nature Park, according to the current price list, a “mountaineering” individual ticket has been paid for in the entire protected area at a price of HRK 20,00. Now that individual will pay 10 kuna and only in the area of ​​the Jankovac Forest Park, and the tour outside that area is free. It is time for other parts of the Papuk Nature Park and the Papuk Geopark to start being valorized”Said Miroslav Mesić, nature conservationist in the Park.With this project and the new tourist infrastructure, Papuk Nature Park wants to enable quality coexistence of man and nature, put protected areas in the function of sustainable development and raise the tourist potential of this protected area for the benefit of the local community.last_img read more