Do business need to be able to do good thinking changing business

now has many shopkeepers began to shop is established considering the location of the huge demand, however, the time transformation, any position are likely to turn the world upside down changes, some shops geographical advantage will disappear naturally. Therefore, if we can not do business without change, but also need to do good thinking.

In the spring of, my old home health center was closed because of poor management, after being merged by a private hospital, the boss in the street to do six stores. Song sister keenly aware of the business opportunities here, the first to buy a door on the east side of the hospital store, opened a retail store.

due to private hospitals and departments complete, hired several experts, can be carried out, and some of the most common gynecologic trauma medical surgery, so the operation has been good, the bed often , natural pull sister song business, a sister song retail stores packed and daily income. Retail store location convenient, not to worry about, the tourist bonanza, the sister song basically overwhelmed with joy, every face filled with a smile, so good luck until 2010.

2010 autumn in Anhui province to start the reform of rural health, requiring each township must have a public hospital for the local people to provide medical, health and epidemic prevention services, so the county government purchased the private hospital. After the repurchase of the hospital no experts. Cannot carry out routine operation, the patient decreased rapidly, resulting in sister song retail store business. At first, sometimes even a few days are not what the retail business, sister song entered a hitherto unknown downturn, so she was so anxious, once wanted to sell the shop, but in the face of such a situation, and no one is willing to take this mess.

"is that the way to go?" Song sister often ask yourself, no, have to find a way out of the predicament as soon as possible. She thought through the following aspects:

first to help hospitals promote health care reform policy. She used to naturally or half unconsciously acquaintances, township hospital reform after the drug zero price, cheap drugs; a high proportion of NCMS reimbursement of medical expenses, medical doctor benefits; good service attitude, enthusiasm and meticulous, so many people understand the health benefits of more people to the hospital, the store also slowly more and more tourists.

followed by strengthening hospital leadership. Song sister think of the hospital has more than 10 doctors in the dining room, here also includes business opportunities. So the initiative and the leadership of the hospital, the hospital under the rice, oil, salt and food supply, as well as reception with alcohol and tobacco, etc., so that an increase of nearly ten thousand dollars a year business.

third, fast food service. Because the hospital cafeteria service not so many patients, especially those patients who often.

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