Han Yongdong precise poverty have four points

"I’m from ethnic minorities, National People’s Congress salar, concentrating on poverty alleviation work long-term at the grassroots level. Here, I will implement precise poverty alleviation, precision poverty policy as a statement." National People’s Congress, said Han Yongdong, deputy mayor of the East sea.


13th Five-Year" period, poverty alleviation and development in kenyinggutou, rattling the sprint, how to lay the battle to ensure precise poverty, not fall, the topic is the focus of attention of the delegates.

simple prologue, Han Yongdong combined with their own work practice and representatives to share the precise poverty alleviation, four points".

– poverty target to identify. In accordance with the deployment of the provincial Party committee, the city has carried out a new round of accurate identification. In accordance with the "first time to see the house, look at the grain, but also the students Lang, skill is strong, the last to see if there is no serious disability in bed" and "five views", carry out the subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation standard "two in one" investigation, through personal application, review, publicity, the villagers of Village Township review, approval procedures at the county level, each village and household re established poverty archives, succeeded in preventing the "rich hats, poor exam" phenomenon.

– getting rid of poverty. As of February this year, the East Sea city the identified 173 thousand poor households, according to the development of the production of a number of migrant workers, a number of ecological compensation, a group, a group of assets and relocation of a group, a group of social security, education and training of a group, a group of serious illness relief, because people are making household facilities strategy the specific measures to assist, and begin to implement. I contacted the Ledu County Quan Wan Cun 27 poor households, poverty alleviation in the working group to help, 24 households have the ability to work with people is through breeding, etc. do Hand-Pulled Noodle out of poverty; 3 households do not have the ability to work is included in the social security, people praise everyone’s work done carefully.

– to inspire one’s ambition. The vast majority of poor families are trying to get rid of poverty through their own hard work, but it does have some lazy, there are some people get rid of poverty is not strong, lack of confidence. For these people, we organize the village cadres, village committee members, one by one to do ideological work, give them the party’s poverty alleviation policy, about advanced typical local poverty, said the future of building a well-off society in future, to go the way of breaking away from poverty. Since last year, we also "five star civilized households" to create activities and precise poverty alleviation closely, and guide many poor people from the "I want to get rid of poverty" to "I want to get rid of poverty" change.

– the responsibility of leadership should be compacted. Last year, the East Sea and the provincial government signed the "responsibility" of poverty alleviation, a junlingzhuang, before I’m looking for a secretary and the mayor for the support of the poverty alleviation work of poverty alleviation, now by the main party leaders personally, they often find my research work. As deputy mayor in charge, I have to go straight forward riveting. At the same time, in order to strengthen the management, we developed the village cadres "management approach", "recall system" and so on. Some time ago, recalled 6 incompetent cadres in the village, we have to help;

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