10 gas stations were investigated

In order to further strengthen the oil market supervision, security market and consumer safety, since this year, the province’s industrial and commercial systems were deployed and cadres of 425 people (Times), vehicle 77 (Times), check the gas station (761 times), issued a rectification notice 19 copies, 10 of the sales of substandard oil gas station for investigation, the amount of 93 thousand yuan confiscated. It is reported that, in order to effectively safeguard the province’s refined oil market order, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau to do a good job in three areas. First of all, the implementation of the provincial, city, county three linkage supervision of the oil market, the city state bureau responsible for regular and irregular inspections on the area of all the refined oil business subject; the county bureau is responsible for the implementation of dynamic regulation on the area of the gas station, focus on examination of the refined oil sales channels, the purchase ledger and quality certificate etc. and strictly regulate the management behavior, supervision of refined oil operators established goods into the sales ledger and invoice system. Followed by the main qualifications, types of goods, oil sources, quality as the focus, to carry out the investigation of whether the purchase of refined oil channel is normal, check whether the sale of oil products, such as certificate of "five checks" action. Finally, the province’s industrial and commercial system to the comprehensive management of air pollution, standard bulk purchase and sale of refined oil, refined oil prices and disrupting the order behavior specification into the focus of the oil market supervision, strengthen coordination and cooperation with the local safety supervision, quality supervision, trade, public security departments. During the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization of the city gas station responsible person held a special meeting, maintain the order of the oil market, do a comprehensive air pollution control work put forward the objectives and requirements, clear governance content, responsible units, designated deadline, and gas station responsible for the signing of the "oil market supervision responsibility book" with 69. Improve enterprise self-discipline consciousness.  

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