Open a new model of village affairs

in order to further standardize the democratic management of village affairs, promoting villagers’ autonomy, improve the transparency of village affairs, Chengzhong District, efforts to explore the way of village affairs, recently formulated the city district and village affairs implementation plan, build "sunshine village".
scheme requiring the region of the village to build a village public archives, in accordance with the law, public real public, pragmatic and accurate principles, by publication, published, blackboard, writing meeting notice, WeChat mobile phone platform, the sun and other forms of agriculture websit, 13 items of financial affairs, government affairs, involving the interests of villagers in public according to the rules of procedure. Open the contents of that year to the village, including the village, village, village decision procedures for the results, financial leasing, utilities, collection, compensation payments, and social assistance, family planning, poverty alleviation funds and state subsidies disbursement of funds management, requires at least quarterly open 1 times, matters major matters and the villagers require the disclosure should be published in a timely manner, and make a record.
scheme also defines the steps and methods of village affairs, the village committee members in accordance with their respective duties and tasks put forward the views of the village Party branch, village committee will discuss the unified release; the village to intensify propaganda, the establishment of village affairs supervision team; each agricultural town government office of village affairs to establish a regular or irregular inspection notification and feedback system, strengthen the village affairs supervision and inspection work, promote the healthy development of the democratic management of village affairs.

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