Xining heavy diesel vehicles from the implementation of the country’s standard car owners can search

for the prevention and control of vehicle exhaust pollution, improve the quality of atmospheric environment, from July 1st onwards, the provincial capital of all registered motor vehicle license plate (including transferred to other provinces) maximum total weight more than 3500 kilograms of diesel vehicles, the emissions of air pollutants must meet the national fourth stage (hereinafter referred to as China IV standards) emission limit requirements.

from today, does not comply with the national standard IV emission standards for heavy diesel vehicles, public security traffic management department will not apply for registration, foreign vehicles to Xining to change the registration and transfer of registration procedures. In June 30th this year before the purchase meets the emission standard of the heavy duty diesel vehicle, the vehicle owner in September 1st by Car Buying formal invoice or contract documents issued by the Car Buying before June 30th, handle vehicle registration formalities. June 30th has been transferred from the field in accordance with national III emission standards for heavy duty diesel vehicle, the vehicle owner in September 1st, by the traffic administrative department of the public security organs in turn "motor vehicle registration certificate" signed by the transfer records, registration or transfer of registration change of vehicle.

according to the relevant person in charge of the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining motor vehicle sales enterprises should be organized in accordance with the above provisions of the sales plan, and fulfill the obligation to inform the relevant provisions of the car. Motor vehicle owners through the national environmental protection department of motor vehicle environmental protection net (, to meet the national standard IV models. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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