Qinghai nearly 13 acres of land remediation

land consolidation is a strategic measure to implement the most stringent farmland protection system in the country, both to increase and improve the quality of arable land, arable land, food security and keep this, and expand the space, optimize the layout, development strategy. Since the beginning of 2002, the province in accordance with the unified planning, the whole village to promote, multi input, overall management, according to local conditions, the principle of gradual and orderly, vigorously promote land remediation. Over the past 13 years, the province has implemented land remediation projects 116, invested $1 billion 727 million, the construction of farmland, water, roads, forests, the size of the high standard of comprehensive field of nearly 1 million acres of arable land, new farmland of 300 thousand acres.

13 years, the province through land remediation, large-scale construction of high standard basic farmland Hanlaobaoshou, the quantity of cultivated land, improve the quality of cultivated land, improving agricultural production conditions, lay a solid foundation for the modernization of agriculture. Rural land remediation, become the basic project of agricultural modernization in our province, welcomed by the majority of farmers welcomed the project, the government of the people’s livelihood projects. At the same time, through the project to promote, part of the desertification, salinization of arable land has been managed to improve the vegetation coverage, wind and sand fixation capacity has been enhanced, the local ecological environment has been improved.


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