Xining road in the long holiday is not so blocked

holiday, although the field traffic to the city increased, but the removal of individual tourist vehicles and personnel more, short time delay phenomenon, not a large area of serious traffic congestion in urban areas in our city. What is the reason for this?

[high speed free]

part of Xining people choose to go out to play

reporter observed that in the Chaoyang road toll booth every day there are some green A license plate hanging into the high-speed entrance. Anyway, do not charge, the time to go to Xining with the surrounding counties of Lanzhou scenic almost suburban scenic spots have played almost, so decided to take the children to play in Lanzhou." At the entrance to the highway, the public Mr. Liang told reporters.

reporter visited a number of tourist attractions in urban and suburban areas for several days, although some local tourists in the scenic area is still the mainstream, but the proportion of foreign tourists in a number of hot spots rose sharply. City Tourism Bureau staff believes that high-speed passenger car free, self driving to the surrounding city of Xining, the increase in the number of tourists streaming out of the city.

[Select wide]

farmhouse diversion scenic tourist city

during the golden week eleven years ago, the people’s Park, central plaza area will be overcrowded, and this year, the region’s flow significantly reduced. 5 days before the tourists to go out of the distribution, the public more choices with his family to downtown around the farmhouse, Zhadui city park scenic area is improving.

, according to the city of North Bay, a farmhouse owner said his farmhouse daily turnover of ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan. In the interview, many people feel that, as the city of Xining scenic spots can go to play at any time, there is no need to go to the double in the fun. It is easy to cause people to focus on the car blocking many people, not only can not be a good holiday, but also add unnecessary trouble. These two years, such as leisure and leisure more and more perfect, but also in the surrounding leisure." Huangyuan County, a rural area in the east of the farmhouse fun to play the public Lee said.


civilized travel more and more people

at the same time, during the two sections of the smooth traffic can not be separated from the hard work of the traffic police. 20:40 on October 3rd Xu, reporters saw the grand cross passing two traffic police directing traffic in.

in addition, civilized people travel more and more on the road. Even the day, reporters found that in the past often encountered on the road in the scramble for road trip and random overtaking, Luantingluanfang other traffic violations, a substantial reduction in the double travel. Even more commendable is that the reporter found a long time to encounter traffic lights, the vast majority of vehicles are able to wait patiently. (author: Sheng Nan)



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