Qinghai party and government delegation went to Beijing to study and visit the Beijing Green counter

Guo Jinlong presided over and made an important speech * * * * * Cai Qi introduction of two provinces and cities in the economic and social development of

11 month 3 to 4, Qinghai party and government delegation went to Beijing study tour. 4 am, the Beijing Youth counterpart support cooperation forum held in Beijing. Guo Jinlong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered an important speech at the Qinghai provincial Party committee secretary, Mr. Wang Guosheng. Beijing Municipal Committee, acting mayor Cai Qi, deputy secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, governor of provinces and municipalities were introduced in the economic and social development of the situation of the two.

Guo Jinlong Qinghai province in recent years, achievements, especially the effectiveness of ecological civilization construction, expressed heartfelt admiration and joy. He said that the counterpart support is a national strategy, is to promote the development of the border and minority areas a major initiative, but also an important livelihood project. In our country to enter into a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, the central poverty alleviation has made a series of major decisions and arrangements for the Beijing counterpart support work further pointed out the direction.

Guo Jinlong pointed out that the central counterpart of the city of Beijing to support the Yushu, a city five counties, are national or provincial poverty counties. Support poverty alleviation in Yushu, to achieve better development, Beijing duty bound. We want to focus on well-off, cohesion of poverty, poverty alleviation and targeted aid to more closely together, on the basis of comprehensively promoting the masses, Pratt & Whitney pay more attention to the poverty of the guide, in the continuous force, for a long time to work on the basis of more emphasis on tackling the efforts to measure more accurately grasp the targeted aid work, better service in the overall situation of the country. To help the recipient area, precise poverty support precise poverty alleviation projects and activities to further push forward row, farmers and herdsmen, grassroots and poverty strickenareas funds and projects, focus on poverty in poor areas, the benefit of industrial development, practical skills training, employment income and other projects.

Guo Jinlong pointed out that targeted aid is not only to help the recipient area development, and exchanges and cooperation, complementary advantages. The two countries are very complementary, huge potential for cooperation. To improve the cooperation mechanism to enhance the level of cooperation, consolidate and expand the effectiveness of counterpart support. Continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation in education, health, culture, science and technology, tourism and other fields of agricultural and sideline products, support and promote the industry, talent, capital and technology flows of Beijing to the recipient area, in the process of two-way interaction and common development, promote the resource advantages into development advantages. Actively build a platform for exchanges and integration of ethnic exchanges, so that the people of all ethnic groups to deepen understanding, enhance feelings, enhance cohesion, centripetal force.

Guo Jinlong said that Beijing is the capital of the great motherland. Construction and management of the capital, is an important part of the national governance system and governance capacity modernization. Qinghai in the transfer mode, adjust the structure, especially the construction of ecological civilization;

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