On the first day of the Spring Festival passenger flow stable

In January 26th, the 2013 Spring Festival officially kicked off, the reporter saw in the interview, the transportation departments and enterprises in Xining city is ready to greet the spring exam.

26 days early in the morning, deputy mayor Xu Guocheng to the Xining bus station, Shen Qing taxi company, Xining bus company three branch and the Department of Qingyun group, the spring work was carefully checked. The reporter saw the bus station in Xining, the first day of Spring Festival passenger ticket window before the smooth, orderly, no large-scale queuing phenomenon, many passengers can achieve "to go", the Spring Festival on the first day of the Xining bus station is expected to send 23 thousand passengers, bus departure more than 1 thousand and 200 trips to Xining to all passenger traffic is relatively stable. Airport, the Spring Festival on the first day of the completion of the Xining Airport Flights 58 sorties, transporting passengers of 6700 people, compared with the first day of the Spring Festival last year, an increase of 45% and 38%.

in Shanghai Green taxi company, Xining bus company three branch group and Qingyun, Xu Guocheng asked the passengers to firmly establish the concept of safety during the Spring Festival, winter frost, fog, rain and snow, the temperature is low, the environment is complex, has a great effect on traffic safety. Drivers should improve the awareness of safe driving in winter, to strengthen the winter driving knowledge and skills to learn, to achieve antifreeze, anti-skid, accident prevention. Passenger transport enterprises to ensure smooth flow, security, quality assurance as the focus, the overall arrangement of transport capacity, strict implementation of safety production responsibility, to strengthen the safety education of drivers, do not overload, speeding, fatigue driving. From the source to eliminate all security risks, do a good job of vehicle maintenance, baggage security work. To meet the needs of large passenger flow during the Spring Festival, increase personnel, capital, vehicles and other inputs to ensure that the Spring Festival is orderly, effective, civilized, safe and smooth. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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