China made 2025 Qinghai action plan

in order to fully implement the supply side structural reform of major initiatives, efforts to promote the province’s manufacturing efficiency and quality and transformation and upgrading, in accordance with the "2025" Chinese manufacturing strategic deployment, recently, the provincial government issued by the official "Chinese manufacturing 2025 Qinghai programme of action", it will be in the next 10 years, our province to guide the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and implement manufacturing the strategy is another important guiding document.

manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, but also an important force to accelerate economic restructuring, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading and the main support for the implementation of innovation driven strategy. The introduction of the "action plan" based on the existing foundation, focus on the future development of the seven key areas of new energy, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, the characteristics of chemical industry, a new generation of information technology industry, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, the characteristics of bio industry development, integration of resources, gathering of innovative elements, key breakthrough bottleneck and, to promote the advantages of industry development strategy, efforts to build a influential national photovoltaic thermal, lithium, new materials, Saline Lake chemical four 100 billion yuan of industrial clusters, leading towards the high-end manufacturing industry.

therefore, our province will improve the manufacturing industry innovation system, improve the ability of independent innovation; accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing, promote two of the depth of integration; continue to promote technological innovation, enhance industrial base capability; strengthening the standard system construction, improve the quality of industrial products; the full implementation of green manufacturing, promoting sustainable development; optimization of manufacturing space layout speeding up structural adjustment; to further promote the development of civil military integration; the development of producer services, promote manufacturing services industry; deepen international cooperation, expand new space for the development of manufacturing industry. By 2020, the high-tech industry in our province in the manufacturing industry accounted for the proportion of industrial added value reached 12%, accelerating the development of producer service industry; manufacturing industry innovation system is basically sound, built 5 national science and technology innovation platform, cultivating 20 100 million yuan output value of high-tech enterprises, the development of a number of strategic key core technology. Product quality has been greatly improved; the manufacturing of digital, networked and intelligent to accelerate the integration of the two levels increased significantly; further improve the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste. To 2025, the manufacturing industry overall quality is greatly improved, significantly enhance the innovation capability, the integration of the two to a new level, labor productivity increased significantly; forming a group with strong competitiveness and ability to integrate resources of large enterprises and industrial clusters.


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