Datong County in heavy taste everywhere singing

flavor, festivity yingying. Accompanied by bursts of firecrackers in the Spring Festival, Datong everywhere decorated, luoguxuantian, laughter. Fire shows and calligraphy exhibition, the Lantern Festival and other cultural activities to the urban and rural masses on a fine cultural feast, let’s folk cultural heritage and development in leisure.
"Ambilight Lantern Festival this year in our village every family in the door hangs a distinctive homemade lanterns, one to the evening, the lane lights, we can at home in front of their downtown lantern." Huang, who lives in the village of the village of Suo Suo Suo face proud to say. It is understood that this year, Datong County in the form of novelty, lighting based, frugal energy saving, safe and orderly principle, to promote the Lantern Festival into the park, into the square. Give full play to the initiative of the masses to participate in the Lantern Festival, launched the towns, communities and rural areas to carry out homemade lanterns and other small scattered activities, mining features, display achievements, create new forms, wide influence and distinctive features of the Lantern Festival boutique. The Lantern Festival and street lighting combine to create long lighting spots, increase the Winter Tour Festival highlights, enrich people’s life, to dress up the city, serving the masses, promote the development of tourism and cultural integration of the target, not only guarantee the design concept of the lantern festival lanterns, lanterns to meet the masses demand, investment, and avoid the emergence of Lantern Festival the phenomenon of short retention time.

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