Armed police detachment in Xining to play a functional role to strengthen honest government

  Xining City People’s Armed Police Detachment under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, give full play to the functions of the contradiction between the current force of anti-corruption work and problems, take effective measures to strengthen the team construction of a clean and honest government.

detachment of the party on ideological education as the starting point to grasp the focus of education, the theory as the central link throughout, strengthen the party spirit education, the majority of officers to further strengthen China socialist ideal and faith. At the same time, the basic idea of clarifying the detachment of the party education, pay close attention to changes in ideas of officers and soldiers, to explore the starting point, the construction of anti-corruption focus, the method of the content of education, way to adapt to the changing situation, improve the quality of education.

pay close attention to the ideological education at the same time, Xining armed police detachment to take effective measures to strengthen supervision, efforts to solve the power problems, and to prevent the power out of control, making mistakes, the anomie of behavior problems. One is to improve the supervision mechanism to prevent the decision-making mistakes. Make full use of the Public Service Commission for Discipline Inspection Detachment team, public affairs, experts, public decision-making, mass appraisal methods, earnestly fulfill their supervisory duties, make party more standardized, fair exercise of power; two is to improve the regulatory measures to prevent the power out of control. The detachment of the tube and tube to manage the money of the Department and the post as the key, job rotation. Perfect the personnel selection, use and management of funds project bidding and procurement of bulk materials and supervision system, the formation of an effective mechanism for the system of tubes, Guan Quan and steward; the three is to strengthen the management of education of leading cadres, to prevent misconduct. The detachment of the strict implementation of inner-party supervision regulations, leading cadres honest and individual reporting on important matters such as the implementation of the system, to prevent the thought of oversight, power control, behavior anomie.


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