National Day golden week Qinghai people drove out of a maximum of 170 thousand people in Tianda

October 7th is the last day of the National Day Golden Week this year, but also the peak of passenger return. During the golden week, choose the most highway passengers traveling, daily passenger volume of highway in more than 150 thousand passengers reached 170 thousand passengers, up; followed by the railway department sent more passengers a day from more than 20 thousand to more than 50 thousand people.

"176 thousand passengers, 165 thousand passengers, 157 thousand and 500 passengers……" According to the statistics office of the joint meeting of the Qinghai provincial tourism work shows that the passenger volume of eleven during the golden week of our provincial highway every day in more than 150 thousand people, the number of year-on-year growth of two percentage points above. Car travel, family travel during the golden week Qinghai and the surrounding provinces as tourists preferred way of travel.

during the golden week, the Qinghai Tibet railway company to send visitors a lot, on October 1st, our province railway send visitors 51357 passengers, at the same time, with the end of the eleven holiday travelers to Qinghai, a substantial increase. From October 1st to 7, Xining Railway Station to send passengers 171 thousand and 800 passengers, passengers arrived at 185 thousand passengers. From the direction of sending passengers to see this year’s eleven long holiday to Jiayuguan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai, more passengers." Xining Railway Station Zhang Qiang introduced, the main flow of passenger flow, visiting relatives flow, student flow based."

choose to travel by air passengers six thousand or seven thousand people a day, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Joint Conference Office data show that the seven day holiday passenger throughput in more than ten thousand people, of which October 1st passenger throughput reached 15380 passengers, leaving 7946 people, 7434 passengers inbound.  

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