Extension of the Qinghai Tibet railway line pull through Japan Railway

16 reporters from the pull on the railway construction headquarters was informed that the extension of the world’s highest Railway Qinghai Tibet railway line to pull Japan Railway has been laying across the board through, is expected in September officially opened the operation.

pull on the railway construction headquarters deputy chief engineer Zhu Jintang introduced, at present, pull on the railway main project has been fully completed, the roadbed, bridges, culverts, etc. engineering and housing, laying in front of electric power, communication, signal station projects have been completed. The next work is on the whole ballast, long rail replacement, EIC equipment installation and 5 station Decoration Engineering, is expected in September this year, the official opening run.

as an extension of the Qinghai Tibet railway, pull Japan Railway length of 253 km, the design speed of 120 km. After the opening of the railway, from Lhasa to Shigatse only two hours. Pull day railway across the board a total of 13 stations, including the 5 bus terminal.

pull on the railway construction headquarters, Deputy Minister of Ministry of construction Wang Yuanrong said, started at the beginning of the construction, characteristics and construction units for ecological vegetation in the Tibetan Plateau and adjacent to the fragile Brahmaputra high environmental protection requirements, formulated a series of environmental protection regulations and system. In the construction, the construction unit by selecting good trees, strengthen irrigation and other measures to ensure the survival rate of the slope of grass and trees. At the same time, in order not to affect the migration of wild animals, but also for the main part of the animal to provide elevated access.

Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet. It is a political, religious and cultural center in southwest tibet. Shigatse, as an important city in Tibet, has only been used for a long time, and the transportation cost is very high, which seriously affects the development of regional economy. Pull on the railway is completed, it will completely change to Shigatse as the center of southwestern Tibet rely on a single situation of highway transportation, greatly improved in these areas, traffic conditions and investment environment, promote economic and social development.


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