Xining consumer goods market will be rapid development in four areas

in March 8th this year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the people’s livelihood, social justice, the implementation effect of adjusting the income distribution pattern and a series of social policy gradually, the city’s consumer goods market will also get rapid development in four aspects.

according to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce predicted that this year the rapid development of the consumer goods market four highlights are: first, revenue growth continues to accelerate. With the increase in the high-income groups in our city, its spending power to help lift cars, jewelry and other high-end consumer market. The state will raise the standard of living subsidies for retired workers, the implementation of this policy, so that the spending power of low-income groups will be improved. Second, consumer upgrades will continue. Home appliances, communication products and textile and garment consumption demand will remain steady and rising momentum, optimistic about the home computer, digital audio-visual products market, consumer durable goods and communications products for update of transport will accelerate. Rural household appliances consumer market is still greater room for development, from the rural residents of major household appliances, communications products have the capacity to see, home computers, microwave ovens, induction cooker, water heater and other purchasing demand will continue to increase. Third, diversification of demand structure. With the change of constantly improve the quality of life of residents in our city and the concept of consumption, steady demand for residents of food and non-staple food, the diversification of consumer demand, more and more households pay more attention to the quality of life and quality of life, pay more attention to health care, green food, nutrition and safety of food consumption will increase. Fourth, to further improve the consumer environment. This year, the city will vigorously strengthen the rural market development efforts, cultivate and tap the potential consumer market in rural areas; grasp the opportunity the holidays focused on consumption, and actively organize enterprises to carry out various forms of promotional activities, catering, accommodation and other services to enhance the overall level of service industry, innovation and the brand; increase market supervision and crack down all kinds of disrupted the market economic order, the illegal activities, to provide a safe and comfortable environment for consumers.


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