South city affordable housing price to determine the price of 1690 yuan in June 1st to perform

Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Housing Bureau

issued a circular on the economic application of the southern city of Xining housing sales price standards to determine the city of Xining by

economic applicable housing sales price per square meter (excluding floor price) to 1690 yuan, the floor price to the current standard of the whole

blocks (units) are determined by the algebraic and zero principle. The sales price from June 1st onwards.

since last year, Xining has started construction of a number of affordable housing. Due to the cost of affordable housing construction costs

is directly related to the affordability of the masses, in the audit cost, the city development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the city real estate bureau strict

approved cost standards to control the overall level of housing prices, in accordance with the application of affordable housing in each project before the development and sale of local

District, the whole society announced its construction costs and sales price requirements, a comprehensive review of the new economic application of the housing construction into

this, and in accordance with the principle of guaranteed profit, reasonable burden, price Huimin, promote development, the Xining municipal government

agrees to determine the selling price.

"notice" clearly stipulates that the economic application of the housing sales target to meet the relevant conditions of low-income families;

low-income families in the above provisions of the sale price of the purchase, the relevant departments of the city property management procedures for property registration, purchase

to buy affordable housing has the right to use, but not the transfer and sale, such as to give up living by the government according to the current purchase price of

grid to be used for recycling, and the distribution of sales. (author: Zhang Tingfeng)


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