Stall how to spread the knowledge of location

even the smallest small entrepreneurs, have fantasies spread the myth. Baidenan although hard, but low cost, flexible operation, a lot of entrepreneurs choose the life first bucket of gold mining. But the stall also need to pay attention to skills, choose what place? Let us explore how to hem stall location.

1. to locate the stall.

2. stall time check

3. product positioning stall

the position, time is half the success, but the half is the most important product, the quality of the product quality directly determines the sales, purchasing power and purchasing the goods, clear can be targeted and stocking, look around the same booth similar flagship product.


by the Capitol

select at least ten points as the stall business place. Each stall is not more than three times a day, at least every twenty days and then come back again. The middle-aged woman is the most loyal consumers is the best word of mouth, they feel good, look forward to the next time I come.

5. is to rent the stall

is now doing a day to day money, the monthly cost of about six thousand. Now prepare monthly, 1~3 thousand yuan a bag, ten points, cost 1~3 million. The cost has increased, but the increase is not much, relatively short rent than long rent expense is high; at the same time, reduce the manpower cost of temporary rental stalls; the most important thing is, he can always decide what time stall where a place.

baidenan riches myth let countless people charmed. Despite this success is difficult to replicate, but the stall is indeed a good start empty-handed entrepreneurial approach, careful study, you can also become a Master stall.

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