Open shop input high

is now the reason why many people will choose the network business, simply because that store investment is too high, can not afford their own. Relatively speaking, the shop does not need rent, operating costs are smaller, less entrepreneurial investment, natural selection. So, open shop investment high?

open shop investment high? In fact, the threshold of open shop is quite high, some people want to make money from it is difficult, not very difficult, but it is quite difficult. Do full-time shop, the cost is not less than a company, buy a house, you do not believe, I help you.

First we

there is a belief that many people think open shop to make money, I also try, because we work a few years, save a little money, entrepreneurial opportunities, will catch up with the tide.

opened a new shop, natural and ultimately the office of the people and places, you must at least art, customer service and operations, of course you can say that they can have a number of functions, but the new shop do the rookie, all understand?

I myself is a person to do a company of all things, which is one of those who are happy, but also, after all, is slowly learning over the years, accumulated. I don’t know Photoshop, at least at Meitu Xiu Xiu, not how to operation and management, with at least a few years team, an artist, a customer, a business with a boss, a team of four people, they don’t pay.

other three people, 3000 per person, this is Hangzhou’s wages, operation to such price is not necessarily enough, but consider the operation of ten nine is useless. So to this standard pretty fair, rent a venue 3000 per month, but also to reduce the time, or you can rent a space, commercial dual-use, but eventually to do well, or to the regular place or what entity facade, the goods are not ready, the electricity cost per month from artificial site fees for tens of thousands.

started doing 50 styles, all the code size, to do more, we should add the stockpile several times, each item is less expensive, according to the 100 count, Tuen only 5000 pieces of clothes, a cost of 20 to 100 thousand, small, only summer clothes, winter clothes is not enough make plans to do video, to find a model for data packets and so on, it is not a small overhead, less than thousands, tens of thousands, not the bottom, see how you shoot do.

money is not enough, your diamond booth, Ali, what what promotion rush group purchase nothing, to have the business, to the drainage, treasure what network marketing day burn a 500-2000, this made the shop should have experience that burn money, business must have ah.

can also take ten thousand steps, I will open a shop, make a foundation of recommendation

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