Guangdong economic influential man share success with your password public business era

in this era of entrepreneurial fever, want to start a lot of people, but the questions may be more. Want deeper into the business circle, the Guangdong Economic Forum Sunday afternoon’s influential man of wealth show not to be missed!

in this popular era of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs how to find innovative ways out of the ordinary? How to avoid competition? How do you think others do not want to do what others do not, start a new market? How can we find value and opportunity in unexpected places? How to innovate? How to enhance enterprise influence? How to lead the entrepreneurial team? These are the problems that plagued the entrepreneur, but the business school has never taught you, and very few people will tell you that under the gorgeous coat of the unimaginable hardships.

a sub themes: mining business opportunities in traditional industries (Fan Youbin


sub theme two: use shared inventory of idle resources (Tao Yuan


more exciting content waiting for you to pay attention to, believe in these entrepreneurial influential man under the guidance of entrepreneurship can help have entrepreneurial ideas more clearly.


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