Do you have any prospect of opening a small shop

now people venture capital, will naturally hope that their careers can be more long-term development, because of this, will be the cause of the future as a very important reference factor. So, open the home of small commodity store has a future?

strange small shop will be all kinds of weird products together – full of whimsy hall, every kind of products are rare and new creative market, the same product is not the same style, different style, different styles, different functions, meet the people looking for the novelty and variety of curiosity ignite passion, consumption.

beauty Description: personalized business opportunities into one hundred thousand

personality: commodity shop selling outstanding odd, the hair out, Yang lygo; Ruan, tricky magic small toys, creative supplies. Let the strange and eccentric creative products into people’s homes, become interesting and beautiful, toys, daily necessities. Today’s consumers pay more and more attention to individual consumption, the strange commodity is no doubt conform to this trend, will become a hot spot in the personalized market nuggets.

– twenty thousand invested to earn $one hundred thousand a year: to join the small shop only odd -2 million, in strict accordance with the marketing program provided by the headquarters, the year is not difficult for people one hundred thousand.

: to restore the truth soon obsolete

are easy to go out of date products: Weird small commodity store products are basically a few years ago was a variety of hype. Whether it is funny toys, tricky toys, magic toys, or creative products, before have specialized stores in the form of investment, but due to popular short period, slow update speed, most shops are no more than three years to live.

now these products together, nothing more than to change a name, change a concept, the essence has not changed. Moreover, these small goods in the department store, toy shops, gift shops and other places can be bought, the competitiveness has been worse than before, specialized shop prospects worrying.

years into one hundred thousand that is a dream: according to the investigation of a number of franchisees, open a small shop to reach an annual revenue of $one hundred thousand is simply impossible. The monthly sales reached 4000 yuan is difficult, as is 2000-3000 million, net of costs, net profit of only 1000 yuan. And six months after the opening, people’s interest weakened, sales will be significantly reduced. Some people have been forced to close their doors for just one year, one hundred thousand years of age.


is able to make a profit, but there is a lot of difference and publicity, as the development prospects, but also faces enormous pressure, because the relevant product updates too fast. So, with the introduction of the above, and now you venture capital, but also choose to open a strange small

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