2016 small business what business is better

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business may be different people will have different understanding, if you are interested in business do not miss this article, many people believe that entrepreneurship is burn, investment money, money for later operation, in general, no money do not matter. It is not wrong, but not all entrepreneurs are burn, there are a lot of small businesses. Here, small series for your inventory in 2016 is relatively hot several small business choice.

2016 small business to do business? Baby products

shop model: Shen Xiaoqin and his wife opened the "parent-child square" infant world, pacifiers, baby bottles, sleeping bags, children’s clothing, toys, educational supplies, skin care products Goods are available in all varieties. infant to small, small pins, pillows, a variety of styles of variety of the commodity price to choose. Shen Xiaoqin’s shop experience: goods should strive for the whole new.

baby shop first to attract customers with a full range of goods, so as to avoid the trouble of purchasing their mothers. Innovation in the choice of goods, you can observe some large shopping malls or in accordance with the customer’s reflection, timely replacement. At the same time, but also in accordance with the source, age, in the high-end products with reasonable. Baby supplies store average profit of around 25%, the monthly sales of $30 thousand -4 basic guaranteed.

2016 small business to do business? Ice cream shop

ice cream now already no longer satisfied with thirst, but the great variety, the taste is different, four seasons, hot for a long run, which belongs to a part of urban lifestyle. The size of the investment chain can be large and small ice cream, 18 thousand yuan can start a shop, you can open a store of $50 thousand, especially suitable for small businesses involved in the catering industry.

2016 small business to do business? Snacks

"Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles" and "BBQ" snack shop that consumer market potential should not be underestimated emerge in an endless stream, snack. Moreover, this snack bar investment threshold is low, equipment, labor, rent, plus early investment but forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, but lucrative. Income up to ten thousand yuan. The delicacy the long history, different flavor, variety, the key is to accurately locate the business varieties, what to sell, how to sell, sell to other issues, we must consider carefully in advance. In addition, not only to highlight the flavor, but also to pay attention to quality.

does not have strong capital can choose a small business, small businesses also need to operate a good method, can not be too blind to move forward, the business cost is small, but not without cost, all in front of the shop, as entrepreneurs or to have some savings. In addition, looking for ways to find recommended

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