Jewelry store location to refer to what factors

no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, what kind of a shop, want to be successful, you need to have a correct shop location. However, how to choose the right location, the location of the need to consider what factors, but has become a big problem plaguing investors. So, jewelry shop site to refer to what factors?

this problem is actually very simple, the answer is the flow and consumption ability, the more people, the consumption capacity is high, your market is bigger, but because Chinese economic development is too fast, a lot of the market is overvalued, so this section of the rent and transfer fees are new friends shop unbearable. Now let’s talk about some of the basic elements of the jewelry store location need to refer to:

1, open the shop rental cost is generally (month, half a year pay, pay) + transfer fee (no new appearance fees (+) into the supermarket) + health + tax fee (around the business management department) + management fees (some not)

jewelry shop rent is the best control in 3 months to pay a return of funds so fast, the transfer fee is being ignored by many people, not even heard of it, good appearance generally have the transfer fee, because the former owner may have a good location for the decoration, or for you should you receive some money, risk transfer fee is the highest, of course, if the location is good, the cost is not too high, you may have the space of appreciation, because when you do not open the shop can take this to others. If you do not need to transfer the cost of the facade, do not be too happy, because such a facade is either newly developed, or indeed no business.

2, site selection where?

general economic ability preferred: pedestrian street, downtown streets, shopping malls, shopping in the supermarket, people is the guarantee, the better your space is bigger also, these local jewelry stores are generally so that you can earn money, of course, the risk is high.

economic capacity of the general preferred: near the University, a large neighborhood, two or three street, as far as possible to avoid high school, primary school, it is not the place to open jewelry stores, limited spending power.

at the same time we should try to avoid conflicts with the local wholesale market, unless you have a fixed source of good, there is hope to do wholesale. You can come to Yiwu to see, Yiwu jewelry retail is less, after all, no matter how cheap you sell, customers always feel that the wholesale market is cheaper.

3, how much rent and the proportion of people flow it?

this is really hard to say, because the more people, the better, but the rent is related to the consumption level of the local city, the same flow of people in the city and county

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