What are the secrets of cosmetic shops to enhance the reputation of the shop

no matter what the industry’s shops, reputation for the operation of the store will have a very important influence. Open cosmetics shop, know how to create a good reputation of cosmetic shops, will be able to attract more customers to patronize. So, how to improve the cosmetics store cosmetics store reputation? Below, and we share the five tips to improve the reputation of the cosmetics store.

tip 1: the product is the most important factor to attract customers, so to provide customers with cost-effective products. If you do not have the brand of the product, then the first key factor in business is to provide customers with cost-effective products. In order to improve the store’s reputation, the same as the cosmetics store.

tip two: to leave a good impression of new customers, a new customer satisfaction. To meet the needs of new customers, so that the new customer satisfaction, it means that the number of old customers increased. Therefore, the cosmetics store to make a good impression on new customers, or even a new customer satisfaction, which is more useful than any word.

tip three: remember every old customer. If you can not determine whether the cosmetics store operators old customers, but also to him as an old customer, you can use a "you come again!" To narrow the distance between you and the customer, such a simple word, so that customers feel that you have a sense of intimacy, will make the next negotiation and transaction much easier.

tips four: to understand the face of the old customers, so that the old customers have face. If the new customers and old customers to introduce the cosmetics shop must give customers face, because it is easy to clinch a deal, appropriate to listen to the old customer requirements, to face the old customers, so that the old customers will Everfount to give you more customers.

secret five: to provide professional, customer service, can be neither humble nor pushy. To be quite familiar with the products in the store, so as to select suitable products for the customer, but also for the customer to explain what is suitable, which is not suitable, unsuitable reason where, in order to seize the hearts of customers, let the cosmetics store retain customers.

a good reputation for the operation of the store is really too important role, because of this, now the shopkeepers will focus on the creation of the word of mouth. In short, a cosmetics shop, want to have a good reputation, the operator must be professional, but also good service consistent from beginning to end in the process of reception and presentation, be neither humble nor pushy in maintaining a pragmatic attitude. In order to get the favor of customers, cosmetics store business will continue.

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