The biggest police net Warsong mistake when legendary



Jiangsu Suqian Police Battalion suspected the largest online audition China "456" Battle Hymn of the network _, illegal business Legend PW, and more than 2 months of the chase, eventually arrested in Jiangsu, Lianyungang, after a day of confession, a survey found from the 456 week, the website has not yet illegal long battle the project, local police is very awful!

network station: Ganyu 456 Warsong County of Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City, 91 years last name: 000

456: Battle Hymn of the network started 08 Battle Hymn of the network, at the beginning of 2010 to replace a domain name, is basically no income, stationmaster itself love passion and love songs, listen to the song friends to share in exchange, including advertising projects do not charge fees, the server is composed of nine Travel Network ( provides the warsong.

event inspired: the domestic legend of the serious flooding of the domestic network police arrested the difficult! Mistakenly linked to the relevant personnel were arrested innocent, a serious impact on the lives of innocent people.

legendary unspoken rule: legendary into "forget" "legend" agent "legendary dragon" "Legend of GM", "legend payment platform" unspoken rule industry food chain

legend publishing network; earn advertising costs

legend agent; looking for GM, earn advertising agency costs

legend of the dragon; looking for the legendary GM, earn technical costs

legendary payment platform; looking for things GM, the game to earn gold ingot top percentage fee

legend GM; contact legend to pay the cost of the Dragon – open area – contact advertising agency to pay the cost – on advertising

contact legend payment platform to recharge the game to earn NPC- players earn

: Legend server, the legendary server, legend engine, etc.

The development of

legend to now, has been unable to control the situation, the domestic network police need to Internet users on the regular course of it!

implementation recommendations:

use the old words, we must remember, the things you can control, really for the legendary spanking! Although Baidu promotion has not seen about the things you information, but can still see a lot of related key words in the 98% legendary legend has released

network information!


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