Micro business platform a comprehensive observation of micro business getting better but still far

Abstract: if Taobao opened up a precedent for online shopping, then the micro providers to open up the social electricity supplier precedent. But now, from the social electricity supplier is still very far away.


titanium media note: in October 12th, "the first half of 2015 micro firm industry report" freshly baked, the report from the four aspects of micro business environment, development status, user portrait and market trend of micro business were studied. Zhu Wei, the author of the titanium media, made a detailed study and interpretation of the report, combined with its long-term observation of the views and thinking of the following conclusions.

1, the steady growth of the mobile shopping market platform micro providers to develop into a micro business mainstream

• data show that in the first half of 2015, China Mobile shopping market reached 803 billion 620 million yuan, an increase of 147.3%, a stable growth;

• major social media liquidity steady improvement, social continue to show the driving force of consumption, micro platform providers to become the mainstream of micro business;

2, the retail industry inflection point is the beginning of all to accelerate the process of

– in the WeChat policy, the Ministry of Commerce and the standard specification and multiple CCTV exposure, violence, Shuabing pyramid schemes and other derivative forms of abuse in filling, cosmetics business channel micro substantial decline as the main indicator;

– the traditional brand derivative market saturation, the new brand of micro self built micro shop system or settled platform to achieve national distribution, micro business platform to the community integration business through micro partners, transfer channels resulting in micro business platform user scale rapid growth, accelerate the process of all retail.

3, micro platform providers or will enter the initial stage of ecological construction

platform micro channel operators or from the channel to the ecological evolution. The platform not only for derivative trading tools providers will also include technology, goods, payment, the seller open scale, hard power, and the credibility of the platform, training ability, to shape the brand force of soft power, mobile social shopping platform by extending the channels will be presented including diversified goods, social, ecological, and third terminal platform the other party.

4, micro providers to accelerate the viability of social platforms but need to maintain a healthy

micro business born social platform, Xing in the social platform, in order to expand the social circle, to maintain the existing social micro chamber of commerce activity and a new social circle development, expanding social channels to a variety of platforms, the reverse push activity of various social platforms. The trend in the micro platform providers will continue to maintain, but the need for the formation of a healthy interaction between the micro business and social platforms.

titanium media author pays close attention to micro business also have some time, the first half of the year with the release of the micro business report, the recent micro business development status, problems and future development direction of a comprehensive and systematic review and summary.

first, the development of micro business


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