WeChat public platform 4 years old it changed your what

4 years ago on August 17, 2012, WeChat public platform formally launched. I do not know whether Zhang Xiaolong had expected it to be able to fire to this point today, responsible for the development of goose factory employees did not expect anyway. Yesterday, participated in the first edition of WeChat’s public platform for the development of the former WeChat employees Yang Maowei wrote in his public number,

as a just graduated from college students, at that time did not consider any strategic layout, business thinking, open platform, ecological chain…… That is, the boss said you do dry, dry well, get a star!


Mao Wei honest and passionate, although not thought what prospect, the line just a new product, but also let him fight together to the colleague in the mail, excited to "open" wrong hit into "development".

now, he should have been more excited.

as of January 2016, WeChat public platform has more than 10 million public numbers, the number of users visited each day brings more than 3 billion. What is the concept? This is equivalent to 600 million of China’s mobile phone users every day to visit the WeChat public platform for a total of 5 times.

On the eve of the Spring Festival

2015, WeChat public platform started closed beta original protection function. In February of that year, November, there were 5 million 150 thousand articles through the original statement to protect their own interests, all the original author appreciates the profit of 20 million yuan.

in July this year, WeChat also announced that the number of users of WeChat enterprise number has exceeded 20 million.

WeChat public platform for each data seems to have so many people, that 4 years, it changed your what?

from media: subscription number

if you are a writer, the experience of change must be very deep. Initially, journalists are not acceptable to the outrageous simple background editor, can only send text, pictures, voice, text messages that want to send? Have a higher authority to authenticate users.


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, a start, WeChat public platform is a trend which cannot be halted. Hecaitou wrote in November 2011, previously, WeChat supports only 800 words, so he had to use a large number of the chain, and even make this point to their own personal blog. As a result, WeChat users surged to hecaitou, personal blog instantly collapse.

in March 2012, WeChat users have broken million, and in September quickly exceeded 200 million. We fall in love with the voice of the people around, shaking, but also easily open their own concerns about the number of public knowledge.

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