QQ public disclosure play support a key to share WeChat friends circle to support outstanding accoun

QQ public disclosure play: support a key to share WeChat friends to support outstanding account

[TechWeb] October 22nd news reports, the Tencent in 2015 open platform conference, QQ public play disclosed for the first time, including: support share to QQ space, WeChat circle of friends and other platforms; through a one-stop service window for the notification class news, news, data cards bring faster polymerization. Experience for the user; through the intelligent recommendation mechanism to support the outstanding public account; increase the information at the entrance to the QQ client, to fit the user’s browsing habits and hobbies reading.

in terms of operations, QQ public numbers will provide vertical solutions for the media, education, electricity providers and other areas of life services. For the media to provide information push services, and help the transformation of traditional media; providing customized function for the campus, build smart campus ecological system for shopping; the public number provides social attributes to improve business electricity supplier conversion rate, the rate of re purchase means based on the combining ability of LBS combined with O2O. In addition, QQ public numbers will also be in the form of plug-in access hot chat, group, corporate phone and other mutual ability.

Tencent Inc vice president Yin Yu also announced the "QQ 3+1" open product strategy, "3" refers to the mobile community array composed of QQ group, the number of public interest in the tribe and QQ; "1" refers to the enterprise QQ and QQ upgrade to the Tencent marketing enterprises. At the same time, providing a total of 1 billion yuan to support the plan Tencent also partners. (Ming Yu)

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