Multitray many industry micro blog Lazi since the media empire surfaced

fragmentation of information, the proliferation of spam, user activity decreased, which is the bottleneck encountered after years of development micro-blog. Micro-blog popular in the early days, just a micro-blog can get tens of thousands of comments forwarded, the current users of micro-blog’s large conventional content is tired. Micro-blog information flooding, fresh disappeared, because you can not get a sense of belonging and identity on micro-blog, the bottom of a large number of micro-blog users transfer phenomenon. And micro-blog Taobao customers flooding more than a loss of users.

recently, micro-blog officially launched the information flow optimization program, through the identification of large data and user reports, limiting the display of information flow in low quality, low interactive content and spam marketing information. According to reports, in the next few months, micro-blog will launch the third phase of information flow optimization: to regulate the default concern, forced forwards, scraper and other acts, including restrictions to show concern for some of the default account, the account information released scraper, and if it involves the application of cheating on the garbage generated content, micro-blog limit on the show, will be punished according to friends report publicity.

this measure allows many users applauded. We note that the listing of micro-blog before and after this period of time, in every step, the layers of the layout. Information flow optimization is another important measure for micro-blog since listing, the move seems to be busy knocking pieces, with little relationship from the media, but micro-blog recently many words can be found on Lazi, micro-blog is to create a sound from the media platform, a media empire is faint surfaced.

long micro-blog renamed article

March, Sina micro-blog quietly changed its name to "micro-blog", a netizen said: "micro-blog and Sina dominate the political arena," I blooming flowers after the killing".

at the end of March, micro-blog and micro-blog will be renamed the "long, long micro-blog optimization of transmission mechanism, you can directly publish up to 1 words of the article, you can also choose to add a top chart (shown in the top of the head long micro-blog map), and will display the account in order to protect the original release. Previously, micro-blog supports timed release, and let the Pippi time machine and three party tools become useless.

we know, micro-blog gathered in the industry from the media expert users, only in the field of health care has more than 17 thousand certified users. Field of science and technology of Internet media account is up to 81 thousand, the average in reading the account number reached 9 million 130 thousand, of which the top 10.7% users in reading several billions of dollars. The size of the "expert" user is the strength of the industry from micro-blog media advantage. The ability to attract experts to become an important measure to enhance the quality of micro-blog, attracting users from the media.

and this series of initiatives have let us see micro-blog’s huge support from the media. Since media users have been using giraffe micro-blog tools. However, this kind of long micro-blog tool to generate only the image format, loading the picture is extremely expensive traffic, readers can not copy text. In this era of media fast food?

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