The two sects seven play this high force lattice like H5

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last year to dominate the Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper H5, after a year of touch (GE) climb roll (Zhong) (DE) (SE), not only did not play out, but with new tactics, play against new heights. TOP a track, carrying two factions of the cool seven play, give you talk garrulously talk garrulously.

mobile phone scene simulation faction

is the first mobile phone scene simulation. Because H5 is open in the mobile terminal, so the emergence of a wave of "virtual" mobile phone function case, genuine attempt. Specific gameplay is as follows:

high force of mobile phone: a missed call

scene simulation

as early as two months ago, a provocative flavor "the strange calls you dare to take?" H5 had so many buddy. Wild flavor "guys, he’s here" "hell" "battle triggered at any moment and cool black background" make people think that wrong into the Avengers game interface, vivid screen effect hit out, accidentally came in countless buddy all panic do not know which button. In the end, fuck, finally actually fixed in the public comment 19.9 yuan "the Avengers 2" movie, underneath there is a rotation of the wheels "immediately grab tickets".


the unknown caller will introduce users to open the picture associated with their own story, ingenious idea finally leads to brand advertising, from planning to design to the whole process of interactive screen TOP just want to shout a seamless heavenly robe, Jun: who do, I give you kneel.

the same way, and "Daddy where the 3" broadcast on the eve of the launch of the "a mysterious video invitation, you dare to take?", this man had a more ruthless, not only the effects, even video links.


high forced cell phone scene simulation two: circle of friends

Speaking of WeChat

circle of friends, believe that all readers are familiar to the bone, but the brush every day a hundred times, sent all the boring time. The Cannes Film Festival, brain hole wide open L’OREAL do an interactive circle of friends: enter the need for WeChat login, login, can not only see the Cannes L’OREAL star through the dynamic circle of friends during the brightest star, can also point like comments, very realistic. Even informed Mr. TOP, at that time could not help but to a point of praise.


high force of mobile phone scenario three: WeChat tricky red

when you open WeChat, seeing such a "eclectic" picture, what is the first reaction? Open



binggo, but, uh oh, after opening, the money did not receive >

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