NOKA mobile phone again helpless is not the arena Arena

NOKIA mobile phone back in January 8th, is doomed to let the powder powder are ecstatic days. On this day, in the United States CES (Consumer Electronics Show), HMD announced the launch of the first Android China intelligent mobile phone Nokia 6, and in the Jingdong’s first pin.

estimated that many people were confused: what is HMD? Why not NOKIA released their own NOKIA mobile phone? It’s a long story. September 2013, NOKIA’s mobile phone business will be sold to Microsoft, Microsoft also gave 18 months NOKIA trademark right to use. However, Microsoft took over the mobile phone business has been low-spirited.

HMD is a start-up company in Finland was set up in May last year, the executives have a deep background: NOKIA HMD CEO Arto Nummela company in early 1994 he joined NOKIA, NOKIA and Microsoft to follow, now out of business; HMD CMO Pekka Rantala also worked at NOKIA for 17 years, also served as "" angry birds developer Rovio CEO. There are only 500 people in the start-up companies, and even have a staff of 70% from NOKIA.


(HMD CEO, President and CMO three executives)

this will be able to understand why today’s NOKIA will be assured that their NOKIA brand authorized to use HMD for 10 years, after all, we are their own people. Of course, there may be another layer of meaning: NOKIA is now focused on the field of telecommunications equipment, its biggest rival in this field is HUAWEI. If you can pass the HMD to HUAWEI’s mobile phone business to add a little trouble, Why not?? so, let NOKIA HMD NOKIA mobile phone, rather weiweijiuzhao meaning.

is a start-up company so small, how to move such a heavy mobile phone business? This time, another key game player played, it is the foundry giant Foxconn. In fact, the development of NOKIA’s HMD smartphone, production is dominated by Foxconn, and even the chairman of the Samuel W. L. Chin is also the original Foxconn executives.

In addition to HMD through the depth of’s involvement in NOKIA’s smart phone business, last year, Foxconn also acquired from Microsoft’s NOKIA functional machine business. As a result, in fact, it is clear: HMD and Foxconn formed a consortium, took over NOKIA’s mobile phone business. Among them, HMD is red in front, is mainly responsible for branding and marketing; and the research and development, manufacturing, and by Foxconn’s.

this also reflects the ambition of Foxconn boss Terry Gou, he was no longer satisfied with the simple foundry business. In recent years, Foxconn has acquired some of the assets of SHARP and NOKIA, has been moving towards more valuable O>

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