Ali Tencent running Liu Chunning was taken away

Abstract: Ali Tencent running.


Liu Chunning was finally taken away. "Finally," said Liu Chunning and Tencent estimates came two years of litigation, now, finally is an established fact.

said, as early as in nearly two years ago, the eight sister had eight: the Tencent will prosecute Ali Liu Chunning has quit, the claim amount up to tens of millions of yuan, which makes the pony horse extreme wrath, and decided to monkey show the history of the Internet, the highest non compete compensation.. And in April 2014, the well-known people from the media broke the news that Cheng Lingfeng teacher once wrote, the Tencent internal audit check on Liu Chunning, because his company in Tencent with their own "shadow company" business, is said to be like in the video copyright contract, Liu depart, also signed a 20 million contract. At that time, Cheng Ling Feng said, "it is said that Tencent with Liu students talked about, or put the money back, or prosecution. It looks like we’re going to sue."

It is said that

pony, Ma Liu Chunning for this final act of treason to the enemy while helping others secretly is unbearable, once angry on the table. In particular, Liu Chunning also went to Ali is responsible for the most taboo game business. Then, in August 2013, eight sisters also had exploded, Tencent also launched a history of the most stringent prohibition agreement, almost all out there is competition between the Internet Co.

for Liu Chunning was taken away time, eight sister asked a few Tencent and Ali internal staff, concluded that the following, only for your reference:

1, Tencent’s small pots of friends said, had heard that Liu Chunning is not clean. Out there must be mixed.

2, there is a saying that Liu Chunning Ali in the entry at the beginning, the Tencent has tens of millions of yuan to prosecute Liu Chunning in violation of prohibition contract. However, it is said that at that time, Ali CEO Lu Zhaoxi once the internal speaker, to help Liu Chunning deal with the Tencent at all costs of litigation.

3, there is a saying that, a few months ago, Liu Chunning, a director of the level of a subordinate Ali, was indicted, involving up to 60 million yuan, was sentenced to imprisonment for more than ten years.

4, this is a kind of Ali internal argument, Liu Chunning in Ali, poor performance, also did not get the trust of Ma, called chicken ribs. So, he has a lot of business has been assigned to other departments, power overhead. Even a person, the Tencent’s move is helping ma to solve a trouble – not Liu Chunning Ali pictures of restructuring and development will be more smooth.

5, then, Mao Tencent nearly two years ago began eyeing Liu Chunning, Liu Chunning is now being taken away? Reliable argument is that the Tencent survey not dangerous, have obtained conclusive evidence; the other hand, Ali is no longer secure.

6, of course, even "Marginalization", performance >

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