March third weeks of network security report the total number of tampering sites within the territor

IDC on the network ( reported on 30 may 03: Sharing Platform Based on CNCERT sampling and monitoring results of the national information security vulnerabilities (CNVD) released data that, in the third week of March (2015-03-16 to 2015-03-22) during the whole evaluation of China’s Internet network security index is good.

below, please pay attention to the network with IDC comments from 03 to 03 may during the period 22 to 16, China’s Internet security situation:

(Figure 1) third weeks in March, the basic situation of network security figure

look at Figure 1, in March, the third week, the overall evaluation of China’s Internet network security index is good. Among them, the number of hosts infected with the virus fell by 6.2% last week, down to 298 thousand; the total number of websites were tampered with rose to a total of 3082, an increase of about 28.6%, of which the number of government websites is


is the next domestic data backdoor website: a total of 1249, compared to last week, rose 11.6%, of which the number of government websites rose as high as 58.6%, significantly; in addition, according to the number of counterfeit page within the site to 6644, or 13.3%.

addition, the number of new information security vulnerabilities dramatically consistent with last week, for 164. Among them, the number of high-risk vulnerabilities 60, a decrease of 9.1%.

a, network virus activity

(Figure 2) network virus activity diagram

according to figure 2, this week, the number of hosts infected with the virus in the network of about 298 thousand, compared with last week, a decrease of 20 thousand.

which is the number of domestic Trojan or bot control host to 198 thousand or 4.6%; and (Conficker) infected fly off worm host dropped to 100 thousand, a decline of 22.2%.

(Figure 3) network virus activity diagram

Figure 3 can be seen this week, the new network name of the virus, the chain last week, an increase of 100%, an increase significantly, while the new network of the virus family is still the same as the 2, no increase or decrease.

(Figure 4) put horse site domain name registration within and outside the territory of the distribution of

fine picture 4, available this week Ma site domain name registration is as follows: the distribution of inside and outside the territory accounted for 57.4%, with the same last week; and overseas proportion dropped to 39.6%, a decline of 3%; at the same time, unknown territory accounted for 3%.

(Figure 5) 235 put the horse site belongs to the top-level domain name

see Figure 5 for this week

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