Line 9 seconds short video features PK Tencent Sina

NetEase Francisco January 15th news, Alibaba’s mobile social platform for exchange today launched 9 seconds short video capture and sharing function, become the Tencent and Sina as the second shot, another major breakthrough short video social networking giant.

and Tencent and sina is different, Ali is not a short video made a separate APP but directly integrated into the exchange, the exchange has had in chat with a short video capture function, the new on-line version 4.4, with friends, get together, chat and other dynamic social scene will be on line 9 seconds short video capture and sharing function.

with 9 seconds to shoot the video size in hundreds of K, support breakpoint shoot, filter and soundtrack. Zou Mengrui, head of communications, said the video content compared to text and pictures, as well as picture + voice combination, contains more information, but also more vivid and intuitive. "A short video to provide users with a new social and interactive, user making rapid short video sharing threshold will be greatly reduced, means that no matter how social networking or video has entered a new stage of development." Zou Mengrui said.

At present,

micro and second shot have adopted the operation strategy of celebrity + Master, make up for the lack of user UGC ability through large strategy, after the exchange also has put together articles, Zhao Wei, Ren Zhiqiang and other celebrities, celebrities will also drive through a short video capture and sharing.

users can share a short film to get together, dynamic and short wall, traffic sources, video users to shoot in the chat and send more than 10 thousand, nearly half of which was released after the user to share with friends dynamic.

it is understood that, from the 4.4 iOS version has been submitted to Apple App Store audit, Android version has also been developed, the upcoming on-line update. (Gu Xiaobo)

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