Li Xueling play education Lei in the layout of online education in the period of intense competitio

text / Zhao Nan

Li Xueling decided to do another brand online education, this is not surprising.

video, a large number of users, there is a payment system Internet Co, will be involved in online education.

not to mention, Li Xueling’s YY is not only a video, or a room can be opened, the voice of the wheat chat client. By the way, what is this, is this the school with many classrooms?

in fact, with this characteristic of YY, used to play cards when Li Xueling play in education YY listing roadshow, because Americans don’t understand online games, guild, but to understand the concept of online education.

But if

engage in education in the existing ecological YY, would like to rent a place in the Internet bar to open new Oriental English class. The user is a user, but the user is listening to Yu Minhong tell jokes, not to learn english. Therefore, the education from the temperament of the entertainment YY out, find another piece of land, hang a new brand, is a very reasonable thing.

Li Xueling naturally see the problem, or not spend $950 thousand to buy a new domain name Lei Jun said of the piece, his heartache. Lei Jun said, I did not understand Li Xueling there is no need to spend so much money to buy a domain name, but it is also able to see the determination to do this thing, Li Xueling.

Li Xueling arranged for Liu Yujun to be the head of Liu Yujun, Lao Jin shan. In the early years of Kingsoft PowerWord for later, Lei Jun Kingsoft online games will mobilize, when the person in charge of the Jinshan fire studio. Jinshan fire studio disbanded, Liu Yujun came to YY.

see Liu Yujun, I smile to meet up, when the fire studio disbanded, is my exclusive report. Liu Yujun responded, because he wanted to go, the studio was dissolved.

well, Liu Yujun not to talk jokes. To talk about Li Xueling’s online education. Another new brand, we must first solve the problem of users and traffic. Before each open a category, are the YY as traffic depressions. Now, Li Xueling is a part of self, users of, another part is the guide users from the YY, the original educational content on the YY still exists, has 3 million monthly active users, active users accounted for 4%, the future will be synchronized to binding, and slowly moved to In addition, Li Xueling also in the system to create a new client to precipitate the above two channels come in.

what is the model of the Taobao model in the field of education. The teacher corresponds to the seller, the user corresponds to the buyer. On the platform, let the teacher open a video live room, direct interaction with the user. Users can live in the room, row of wheat to ask questions.

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