Suspicions again cross border electricity increasing competition in the small and medium sized enter

cross-border electricity market at home and abroad

renewed suspicions

as the home appliance giants line under the Haier, I do not know a coincidence or chance, in the "black five" online shopping Carnival in the past after the high-profile announcement: easy to sell and the integration of cross-border alliance cloud ecological chain, intends to build billion business platform. Whether Haier is out of its own strategic upgrade, or attracted by the cross-border business profit of pomp, at the start-up period and the expansion of business in small and medium enterprises, Haier added, it will cause great pressure!. The future trend of cross-border supremacy again, fierce competition so that the electricity supplier companies want to plan a new way.

"double eleven" and "black five" major cross-border electricity supplier companies proud of the results of the sun, including the red umbrella, foreign terminals, honey Amoy, including the electricity supplier companies, the short term to make a new page turnover again. China’s consumer market activity so that many foreign businessmen optimistic, not only domestic capital competing for this cake, foreign trade companies have also changed strategy into china.


in the past by signing the domestic electricity business platform, the indirect strategy in China, has been unable to meet the foreign trade company intent on China market appetite. Three days ago and international trading company settled in Guangzhou, this is the first foreign businesses in the cross-border electricity supplier Chinese open experience store. 2015, since the inception of the experience store, light Guangzhou on more than 20 cross-border electricity supplier experience stores, many of which are powerful electricity supplier companies. After a year of wind and rain course, foreign brands are about to find out the channels of foreign goods into china. How to make the most of its own profits it is clear that the New Zealand three and the international trade companies choose to experience the store, access to goods in China’s first hand customer information.


domestic channels and foreign traders different advantages and disadvantages of

domestic distributors and foreign trader is also very obvious: take three and this company, the use of geographical location and local advantages of the purchaser can get a reasonable price of primary sources, and some exclusive rights. For domestic distributors, formal procurement channels to the development of a foreign country, not only facing the information asymmetry, distance, high cost, and it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the problem, and establish the integrity of the supply chain channel relationship with each other, also need long time test. Two competition, the most direct consequence is: even if the domestic channels get first-hand sources, the cost will be more than the foreign trader, for consumers, the domestic channel lost the price competitive advantage


so that the majority of SMEs feel the pressure not only from the domestic capital into, but also faces enormous pressure from the international market. Concentrated in the capital and stress area is shrinking the cross-border electricity supplier market, the majority of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have to find another way. Differentiated market segments in the game of capital, the future trend of cross-border smes.

differentiated market segments horizon

New Zealand retailer "three"

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