The Mid Autumn Festival massacre Ali programmers write code to grab moon cake was dismissed

September 14 Japanese: yesterday afternoon, the Alibaba officially confirmed 4 programmers for writing code to grab the cake, after being found by the termination of the contract, employees "in the event of the use of cheating tools touched the integrity of red line", "to other employees caused welfare distribution, thus making the unjust" controversial decision".

13 afternoon, some friends broke the news, Alibaba in order to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, held an internal buying moon cake activities. 4 Security Department of the Department of the use of loopholes in the system, wrote a program to buy unlimited access to the right to buy 124 boxes of moon cake. On the current situation, the matter was found after Ali, 4 people have been dismissed.

Ali Co responded that the Mid Autumn Festival, each employee can be divided into a box of moon cake. This year’s moon cake because of the shape is very cute, loved by the staff. Therefore, the company decided to rest by the network to employees moon cake, sold at cost price, also issued a temporary internal pre order page. In the process of buying moon cake, the company found that 4 programmers using technical means of fraud, a total of more than 124 boxes of moon cake. After consulting with 4 programmers, the company made a decision to dismiss."

this matter, caused by various social platforms hot, relatively many views that the matter should be punished, but should not be so heavy." However, some industry insiders believe that, for the Alibaba, such punishment is also associated with the "good faith" consistent business law, from the company’s public statements can be found, 4 programmers the grab brush cakes are from the group security department, and they should be the Alibaba safety rules makers and guardians.

in addition, it is worth mentioning that, since " Ali moon cake " after fermentation, it was seen from the " business opportunities ". Search " from idle fish platform; Ali " keywords, you will find the moon cake; has been put into the Alibaba’s moon cake trading platform, the most expensive price even reached 88888 yuan, but the shipping address is Guangzhou, Hohhot, Shanghai and other regions, the authenticity is very low. There is a manufacturer of goods shipped in Hangzhou, the price is as high as 999 yuan. However, the merchant has been under the shelf, unable to search.

finally attached to the parties involved in the incident to know the screenshot:

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