Lei is not told the 10% tips your three persistence is the business rule

used to be the decision of supply demand, the development of this era to the present, the value chain upside down, demand determines supply. – the mainstream trend of marketing is that supply chain integration has been completed, the era of demand chain competition has come, in the future all efforts must be launched from here. Lei Jun told you that the so-called Internet thinking, is focused, extreme, reputation, fast". He has told you 90% of your success, but the rest of it is the true meaning of the 10%.


millet company’s key point is not on the scale of business, but lay the foundation of the platform model

2013 is the millet strategic transition period, they from the low-end smart mobile phone supplier to the younger generation of digital life partner, millet mobile phone (extended to more low-end red rice, millet TV, millet box), millet router, camera and headset accessories, such as millet m rabbit doll and other peripheral products… Around the way of life of young people, millet gradually expand the serialization of products, from a single supplier of products into a comprehensive solution provider, millet platform model formal architecture.

This is

and I have been talking about the real strategic intent of millet: millet mobile phone to gather customers, through a series of marketing means to build customer community, customer value, integration echoes to deepen relations with customers, and customers around the way of life became a comprehensive supplier, the future of millet growing space can not be imagine.

‘s next growth is only a matter of strategic steps:


, millet can be based on existing customers to further expand the product series, to see which areas of sufficient market space, and competitors and rigid, lazy, millet can be extended to what, anyway, is the integration of industrial chain, without considering the unity of millet production or procurement, the cost is very low in new areas


second, millet can also expand the user in the existing product line, regional expansion to Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia and other overseas market expansion, Zhang Zeru millet red rice to extend the future with this group of customer growth, millet nature can be extended to the high-end, the direct impact on Samsung or apple. Of course, it is more likely that the two step. Any kind of road, there is no obstacle on the market, millet need to do is to develop management capabilities to adapt to the growth rate.

This is the power of the

platform model, there is a model, through the power of customer word-of-mouth spread, millet business growth in 2014 is not very difficult. Millet’s strategic intent is also very clear, to further snatch young consumers, to gather on their own platform. So, millet phone to supply 40 million in 2014, not for sales, but snatch young consumers.

millet company’s key point is not on the scale of business, but lay the foundation of the platform model. So, millet model will not collapse, millet company will have the opportunity to follow the customer to grow up to become

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