The full attention of webmaster group magazine market

March 10th news, community software and service provider Comsenz launched the web group for the Internet webmaster group webmaster, to fill the gaps in the market focus on the group magazine. Comsenz has many years of experience in the development of community software and services, the magazine was launched after a large number of visitors to browse and subscribe.

official understanding from the Comsenz, the magazine is still the core of the concept of heritage Comsenz product interaction, in the column settings, pay attention to their own characteristics and points of interest mining. The webmaster share true stories, for the industry to provide self display platform "webmaster webmaster things" column; pay attention to community development, the outstanding community "stand out" column, and the column for each list of communities provide community index and accurate comments, called the "secret weapon" of the station. At the same time, close to the life of the webmaster mailbox, has become a webmaster for the owners of a small window.

is currently the official magazine issued by the official website of the exclusive, but also with a number of IT portals, webmaster class site cooperation, providing streaming download.

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