With 6 hats thinking tool for the summary of the general meeting of the 2008 grassroots

White: basic data

2008.1.12 the date of the meeting, ready to work for 1 months, 4 sponsors, more than 20 guests, more than 30 volunteers, more than and 700 people sign up, not to register the registration number accounted for 8%, accounted for 12% of the number of registration or on-site registrationA total of 1000 people attending the

1: most of the guests are very content to meet the needs of grassroots webmaster.

before half time webmaster applause will know

2: meeting to meet the needs of the majority of the owners of 1 learning for the exchange of knowledge and cooperation 2

    for the study: to see the venue applause and positive questions, today’s article in bbs.021zhan, you can know that the purpose of learning has been achieved

    for the exchange of knowledge cooperation: look at the exchange of business cards before the exchange degree and the guests to go, the degree of enthusiasm for the exchange of business cards, you can know that it is the beginning of cooperation.

3: the staff worked hard

the time of suffering: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., the end, the preparation and finishing work is still a lot of.

black hat – with a negative fact

1: part of the guest speech advertising meaning too heavy, less useful to the webmaster.

from the venue owners applause performance, communication and some webmaster to get ideas, individual guest theme for myself, and do not stand in the perspective of grassroots webmaster want his speech to say.

2: the timing of the meeting is not good

3: staff or less experience in the venue

    each guest down, there will be some owners eager to exchange business cards, which will lead to a little bit difficult, the impact of the next activities do not say, it will affect the part of the webmaster, the desire to continue to learn. At this time the staff can not be adjusted in time.

cuckold – Creation

1: a brief introduction to the guests and simple advertising all the host said. One can help guests to reach their office, and also allow owners to fully charge

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