Talk about my webmaster complex

      in 2002 unsuspectingly entered the University, but also comforted a little melancholy.

      at that time, I feel quite "trend", the selection of computer technology and application of this profession. At that time it was described as a hot industry in the industry, it is the first time the deep".

      the spirit of the future is the era of the network, more than a technical body or. For example, more than one kind of communication language, although not only rely on him to eat, at least one or two of daily life can be used.

      University of the times so muddle along without any aim came. The money is spent, the talk about love. The play of the game. The school is still in the teacher.

      so I stepped out of the gate in disorderly fashion, the end of the student, began his working career.

      (50 words omitted description of college life.


      also happens to say, my first job was the electronic commerce, the computer is related with it. Looking at the switch to the university students, with ripples, but more of a chuckle.

      (University spent shining white silver, finally return.)

      with great excitement, I stepped into the company. At that time, I feel the sky is so beautiful, it is more beautiful than women. Even the ceiling is so good, because you can faintly see a spider net in a busy corner, even the animal kingdom brothers are in the online work, suddenly found the company promising.

      the next work is probably so. Our company is a sales enterprise. It is inevitable to send delivery, running errands around house ah, ah. The mood swings, who is not a professional and technical personnel, so it is necessary to learn from the basic. A few days later, finally a computer to make. Also took the site customer service this function. The next job is to online customers with commentary, sell products. At the same time, the use of the brain in the remaining little knowledge, tossing to promote this site. First of all, this search engine website address, and then began to update the site, looking forward to the stars look forward to the moon was included. Not a few days it was included, it seems that the efficiency of large-scale web site is fast. While the update at the same time to the website to your address posted everywhere, I didn’t know that AD is to be shot, the consequences as can be imagined. Posts are deleted, ID was deleted, IP was sealed, there is no mouth can not say, really to the pain

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